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Posted: 5/11/2003 5:53:24 PM EST
Well folks, I was going to start on a new AR-15 build this summer, but since my son is coming over to see me from Holland, I have to save some money and put the build off till some time after Sept.

This gives me time to get some feedback from all of you and let me know what you think.

Below is a list of the components I am thinking of building.:

Lower: Bushmaster XM15 E2S (stripped)
Upper: Pre-ban upper M4 A3 W/O carry handle
Carry Handle: A3 Style
Lower Parts Kit
M4 Barrel with fixed sites
Knights Armament RIS Handguards
A2 Pistol Grip
2 Stage Trigger group
Carbon Skeleton Stock / If pre-ban build then 6 pos colapsable stock.
Aimpoint Comp M2L with ARMS throw lever mount
Surefire 6v with ARMS throw lever mount and remote pressure switch
Aimshot or Beamshot laser with ARMS throwlever mount
Aluminum foreward grip
Extended bolt holdback release
Extended Mag Release
Ambi selector
Tac Mounts and sling

OK¡KNow its up to you to let me know if I have forgot anything and which is the recommended make/model I should use for each of these parts.


I know you guys all have some good web site links and suggestions for me

Link Posted: 5/11/2003 7:26:24 PM EST
Gonna have to make sure you use a pre-ban lower if you want a pre-ban upper. Thats gonna cost some$$$$$.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 9:12:06 PM EST
I have never done a parts build,but you might try looking around in the "build it yourself forum" lots of ideas in there.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 9:38:23 PM EST
sounds like a fun project. i would stay away from the extended mag release...i might just be finicky (sp?) that way but i've never liked it. guess i'm afraid of accidental mag release or something. its probably not even an issue for most though. just my .02.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 10:17:03 PM EST
Sounds good to me. I've been thinking of a ground up parts build myself. I just need to come up with some exta money and justification for a third AR. I don't know what I'd want different than the two I already have.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 11:39:20 PM EST
i'd go with an Ergo or Fobus grip and skip the extended mag and bolt releases. are you a lefty? if so, then you might try the Norgdon (sp?) ambi mag release, but that'd be it. hard to go wrong with bushamaster parts for most of it, and the Rock River trigger has a good rep.
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 2:55:43 AM EST
Drop the carry handle and spend the money on an ARMS 40 back up rear sight. Get a better pistol grip. After trying many different grips I found the G27 grip to be the best ambi-capable grip. If you get a preban get the Magpul M93 collapasing stock. Look into it. I have the experimental version and the production version is about to be released. It is superior to ALL collapsing stocks. What 2 stage trigger do you want to get? I have the Knight's Armament version which is the only 2 stage used by the US military in an M16/M4 platform weapon and it is the finest trigger made for an AR. Its expensive though. If you get an ARMS throw lever mount for the Aimpoint you will be forced to mount it more to the rear than a Knight's or GG&G cantilever mount or even the standard Aimpoint mount if tis mounted to the reciever. The ARMS is a good mount just keep that fact in mind and make sure its far enough out by testing someone elses rifle before commiting. Why a 6V light and not a 9V? If this is a CQB gun I understand the weight and size issue. Just wondering. Is an M900 out of the question? I love mine. It really is worth it after I got to use/see it in person. MUCH more light than a 6V surefire. Either 6V or 9V works well indoors though. Aimshot or Beamshot laser? Oh my.... [puke] If you MUST have a visable laser (why do you need a laser if you have an Aimpoint? Does your gas mask get in the way?) Then get an OTAL from Laser Devices. Aimshot and Beamshot are JUNK IMHO. If you want an IR for use with night vision then get a Corsak. Also you want to leave this mounted and skip the ARMS throw lever (an ARMS throw lever adds like $45 to the cost of a surefire light, probably the same with other devices) why do you need to quick detach a laser anyway? The non free float RAS is a poor way to mount optics or lasers but if you must mount a laser there due to use of gas mask or night vision I understand. You might consider dropping the laser idea if you dont need it and spending the extra money to upgrade to an M900. Aluminum foregrip. Which one? The Deiter so you can use the remote pressure pad spot in the grip? Add cost of light plus cost of grip and subtract from cost of M900. It might not be that much more to get an M900. Extended mag release and bolt release. Dont bother. Get a PRI tac latch for the charging handle instead. The charging handle latch is the hard thing to use not the mag or bolt release. If you MUST get an ambi selector (because you are left handed?) get DPMS. The Bushamster is so UGLY with that roll pin in it I refused to use it. It just sits here on my desk. Also if you get a preban consider getting a 14.5" barrel and putting a gemtech bi lock flash hider on it. That brings it to 16" and allows the use of their quick attach suppressor if you are so inclined in the future. Also consider buying a 1/7 twist Bushmaster M4 barrel (you have to call Bushmaster or Gunsmoke to get it) as this will allow the use of the superior 75 and 77 grain ammo. If you read enough in the ammo section you will relise the 14.5" barrel with 75 grain ammo is more lethal than a 16" barrel using M193. Also you might consider paying the upcharge for MSTN to mount a free float RAS to your upper. Its about $50 more for the FF version and $50 to install it. I went FF RAS and am putting the Gemteck Bilock on the 14.5" Bushmaster M4 barrel. The only drawback is the FF RAS is permanant at that point as the flash hider is permanantly fixed. Or you could go with a RAS 2 or the ARMS SIR and use the ARMS mount with that to get the Aimpoint more forward, have quick detatch capabilities and free float the barrel and you can install it yourself and its not permanant. Just some suggestions. You can take it or leave it...
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 3:41:37 PM EST
Thanks folks These are just the kind of suggestions I was looking for. Devl......Cool Dude.....excellent sugestions !! BTW: disregard the ambi selector. I appreciate all your inputs and I will take them into consideration. Thanks
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