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Posted: 8/6/2004 8:44:32 AM EDT

DT -
Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback. It really helps to know what Users think of our technology, as well as any issues they may have with its performance. Our goal is to address all issues shooters may have, and provide a reliable product with better performance characteristics than existing metal-cased ammunition.

Although NATEC does not participate in the Web Forums, we do review many sites (including AR15.com) to assess consumer reaction/product issues and noticed that there was an increasing occurrence (although random) of neck issues. Please know, the neck separation is a rare occurrence with the PCA and happens if the injected polymer does not completely fill the neck area. Our manufacturing/quality departments were alerted to determine what had changed in the production process, because this was not an issue evident in our initial shipments to our distributors. NATEC was also receiving very good reviews from other consumers within the same product lots. After analysis, our manufacturing/quality departments have put stricter controls in their production process, and this sporadic neck issue should not occur again in our current (June forward) production lots. I would be interested in knowing the lot number (stamped on the inside of the product box) of the ammo you have so that I can ascertain whether this is pre- or post- implementation of the stricter manufacturing/quality controls.

The product reviews on our first shipments of the PCA were extremely positive, especially with respect to reliability. We are very aware that reliability is #1 in importance of ammunition performance, especially for a new technology/product on the market. I also notice in the Web Reviews that all manufacturers of ammo have issues at one time or another, and hope that Users, including yourself will allow us to make corrections in our efforts to provide a better product.

Thank you for your interest in our PCA, and I sincerely appreciate you contacting us regarding your experience. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Laura Henderson
VP - Business Development

Take it for what its worth, I do not have the information they are requesting, I tossed my boxes and the ammo is strung out all over the ranges I shoot at. So if anyone wants to provide them with more info/feedback, im sure they will listen.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 7:48:18 AM EDT
This is bullshit. What it amounts to is a letter that says "Gee. Thanks for alerting us to the problem with our crappy ammo. We'll fix it. Too bad you are still stuck with however many rounds of this garbage".

I've experienced variety of ammo related quality issues. Good companies make good on their product. I've purchased some Winchester .357 Silvertip ammo that had some issues. After notifyinf winchester, they asked for the ammo to actually check the problem. They then replaced the ammo, no fuss no muss. They have also replaced 1000 55grn psp bullets with faulty cannelures. When a product is defective, good companies replace the product.

I've had a shitty experience with Remington and Sellier and Bellot. I bought 2 CASES of Steel nitromag 12 guage shells for goose hunting. Water fowling with steel shot requires sealed case mouths to prevent rusting of the steel shot. These two cases are so poorly crimped that you can shake a sized BBB pellet out of the crimp! Remington replied like NATEC: So sorry. Well fix it. too bad your are stuck with a couple hundred dollars in crap product. Sellier and Bellot took similar Inaction.

The reply from NATEC is simply inexcuseable.

Link Posted: 9/9/2004 1:29:37 PM EDT
The reports I've seen on this stuff thus far are about 50/50 with people either having no problems or every problem in the book.

I was one of the lucky ones that it worked well for.

My advice... Don't buy more than one box of the stuff until you are sure that it runs ok in your guns.
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 4:56:39 AM EDT
Heck, I am impressed they took the time to write you a decent reply.

Beats the shit out of them ignoring your email.

Link Posted: 9/10/2004 2:00:42 PM EDT
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