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Posted: 3/6/2006 1:12:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/6/2006 1:12:52 PM EDT by Pastry_Slayer]
So for a while now I've been looking to score some bulk ammo to match the duty ammo I am issued for my AR. Mainly because I want to shoot more than they'll give me, and I want to keep the same type for consistancy in paractice/carry. Also, to keep from having to segregate my magazines and keeping track of what ammo is where (Read: shooting bad guys with non-issue ammo is a Very Bad Thing). My department issues Winchester USA223R1.

So far no joy. Online is sold out, at least when I have money, and the Funshow people can't tell Wolf apart from Hornady.

So I wander into WalMart for dog food, which mandates a trip to the gun counter. Just for kicks I look at the .223 ammo. The big boxes of 45 gr. are no good, but low and behold, 3 boxes of the 40 rd. value packs in 55 grain. And foor the first time ever, I can get close enough to read the product code.


Now it doesn't take a Rocket Surgeon to realize the VP stands for value pack...

And they didn't have 3 boxes. They had 8.

Funny thing is, that puts 1000 rounds at about $193 and change. I expected to pay more like $220-$250. And even our outrageous sales tax beats shipping on ammo, no question.

Yes, it will take time to stockpile the 1000 round minimum stash I want, but what a pleasant surprise.

It was even payday...
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