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Posted: 5/14/2003 12:38:54 PM EST
Not too many people can say they shot a high powered rifle with their mom on Mother's Day!

I had taken my rifle home to my parents since I haven't had a chance go to shoot lately. After church, I went out back to empty a few clips. Mom came out to see my "new toy". I could tell that she wanted to shoot it. It was empty so I asked her to hold on to it while I went up to get some more ammo.

Someone regularly calls the cops when I'm shooting at my parents complaining of someone "shooting automatic weapons". The cops will drive by and come down and just chit chat with us for awhile (since it's perfectly legal and safe where we're shooting). I expected the cops to show up while I was inside and see mom standing down in the yard with the AR. I could just imagine the police scanner... "Oh no. Momma ain't happy. She must not have gotten the flowers she expected for Mother's Day!" Luckily they didn't show up this time to distract from the shooting time.

After giving her a safety run down and showing her how to hold the rifle, mom fired off about five rounds. She didn't really understand the concept of semi-automatic and would only fire one round at a time and then look at me like "what next?" I tried to convince her to fire off a couple quick ones - so she shot two rounds within about ten seconds. Oh well... But she did seem to like it. "You boys and your toys... I'll probably have a bruise on my arm from the kick." (Of course mom bruises if you look at her hard.)

I wish I had my camera with me Sunday. All-in-all it was a great time with family. Mom and the AR was an nice addition. Anyone else get a chance to take mom to the range?
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