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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/3/2003 7:03:30 PM EST
regarding barrel configurations and purchase requirements (it was a valiant effort), here is what one of their technical engineers had to say in a reply...

"I guess you realise we can't sell you barrels but Jane has asked if I can
answer your questions and I will try.

Are the barrels "Chrome-Lined"? Our military barrels are
Chromed, but our CT and target barrels are not chromed but left as forged.

- What are your twist rates ( 1-9?). Our standard
military barrels are 1-7inch twist. The CT barrels are 1-9, 1-8.5, 1-8 or
1-7 twist this is usually specified by the customer depending on the
ammunition he intends to use in tactical situations.

- Do you chamber for .223 REMINGTON, or just 5.56 NATO?
Both and Wilde chamber configuration as well, depending on application. Our
normal military chamber for rifles is 5.56 NATO, but our short guns,
Carbines, SFW's etc have a chamber of our own design to improve adverse
condition performance.

- What profile barrels do you offer? ( Heavy barrel, medium
weight, very light?).. yes: Our barrels are profiled as the particular
application requires. The last time I looked there were about Thirty
different 5.56 configurations.

Also, what is the diameter(s) at the gas block?( ex: .750
inch diameter for heavy barrel gas block) All of our short barrels have a
large diameter (0.840") between the fornt sight and chamber as opposed to
the 0.620" diameter of the M4 and Colt carbine. We did this to provide the
user a better firing platform, thermal mass and to allow addition of all the
attachments to the weapon including the grenade launcher, without the need
to rezero. We have standardised on the 0.750" diameter at the front sight
forging position.
- What type of muzzle crown do you incorporate? (I'm
interested in a barrel with no muzzle brake or flash hider)? Our CT and
target barrels normally have a recessed 11degree crown. But some times our
customer wants a 90 dergree or other crowns for their special applications.
Your choice of a Krieger barrel is a good one, we sometimes use his barrel
blanks for special applications and if we have no time or capacity to
produce them at the time.

I hope this answers the questions and happy hunting on your barrel quest.

Ian Anderson
ILS Supervisor
Product Engineering Dept.
Diemaco a division of Heroux- Devtek "

Anybody have any comments on these barrels / weapons?
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 7:06:46 PM EST
I think SmgLee has one. He got it from his super secret squirel sources.
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