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9/16/2019 10:09:13 PM
Posted: 8/25/2004 8:53:56 AM EDT
Just wanted to drop a quick not about my first trip to the range with a new upper. 20" RRA Varminter. I droppped a cheapo 6-24X50 scope on it and took it to the range. I picked up the upper from Pete at Legal Transfers from EE. Got here quick and easy. Thanks Pete.

Ran 50 rds thru to break in the stainless barrel (clean after every shot for 5, then every 3 for 15, then every 5 for 20, then every 10 for 50. Well, heck, I guess that was 100 . Anyhow, I was tired of cleaning. that is the most break in I have EVER done.

Then went to 100yd range. Had some Wolf to start with. First shot to sight in, 1" left at 100yds. 5 shot group went into 1.5", centered about 1.5" left. 2 more groups did the same thing. VERY pleased with this.

Then got out the XM193. Nice 1" groups at about 1" left and 1" low. Shot 3 of these consistently.

Then got out the Black Hills 68 gr match blue box. I didn't think these would do as well due to the weight. DANG, they shot sub 1". The biggest problem with evaluation of this was me. I am not good enough to do much less than an inch.

Overall impression, I am VERY pleased. This thing flat out shoots. I have heard the arguments that the bolt guns will out shoot the auto's. I don't believe it, but it wouldn't matter, as I can't outshoot this gun, much less one that is supposedly MORE accurate. I think I was most pleased with 1.5" with the Wolf. There weren't any safe dirt clods on the berm at the range. Even shot off a few flowers.

Now, do I really NEED an SPR . Need is irrelevant.

Anyway, FWIW.

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