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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/31/2006 7:55:40 AM EST
I originally wrote this as a reply to the "Magazine Feed Lip Deburring" thread, but it got pretty long so I decided to make it a separate thread for discussion.


Magazine Feed Lip Deburring: pics thread

After reading the above thread, I took a quick look at my post-ban D&H, pre-ban LaBelle and my last order from 44mag to see if they needed this fix as I've had problems with "tight" mags as well as feed problems from rounds hanging on the front lip.


This is based on a very small quantity of mags that I own. But, I've been buying mags one or two at a time since the AWB ran out to suppliment my stash of 10 mag orders pre-ban LaBelle's so I think its a workable cross-section of mag manufacture.

It is not my intention to slam, flame or otherwise defame any retailer, manufacturer of AR magazines. I'm just stating my observations and experiences with their products that I lawfully own. The fact that I have not contact retailers or manufacturers directly with these issues points to the fact that I am satisfied with their product. Which does not preclude the fact that I believe that it could be improved or of higher quality.

My observations:

In some (not all) of the post-ban mags as compared to the pre-ban's, I've noticed that;

* the inside of the feed lips as well as the front lip could use some deburring to smooth out the surface to keep rounds from hanging. I've personally experienced rounds hanging up in rapid-fire. The excess material/burrs looks to be a by-product from when the metal was cut.

* the interior of the mag body is a little tighter/narrower and may have burrs from the spot-welding process. I've tested this by free-dropping Gen-1 MagPul eFollowers into the mag bodies. In some cases they stick near the top of the mag, others, they drop all the way through to the feed lips.

* the feed lips as lined up with the follower doesn't appear to be exactly square.


The above observations, points to me that slight deviations as a by-product of the fabrication process of the mag bodies has reached the point where it is effecting the function of the magazine over all. Since these variations differ from lot to lot function/problems/issues with the mags seem to vary as well. Also, if you're a slow-fire/range kind of shooter, you'll probably never notice anything. My personal experience is that I never saw a problem until I was using my mags in 3-Gun competition.


Short term - Get MagPul e-followers. They're way better than greenies any how. Mag prices are so low now, an extra $2 still means that you were paying more for mags six months ago. Check the inside of the lips for sharp corners. A little work with a file or Dremel to smooth things up. And I mean just a little. Also, before you blame the mag, it might also be time to replace that recoil spring.

Long term - I'm suggesting that QC has suffered since the pre-ban days and needs to be stepped up. Not surprising given the huge surge in demand from the death of the AWB and fun-games in the sandbox. If you take a close look at your pre-ban LaBelles as compared to post-ban teflons, you'll see all these little differences in the details. And yes, I know that competition, lower prices and the surge in demand has probably made its mark in this area.

Anyhow, that's my $0.02 worth for now.

Link Posted: 4/1/2006 1:38:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/1/2006 3:28:26 PM EST
Just in case anyone else thinks that I'm reporting problems with hand-feeding or hand-stripping rounds from mags, my experience/issues are based on using these mags in a 3-year old proven reliable Bushmaster rifle during 3-Gun matches. It was also during a recent match that I have experienced this problem. Reworking my mags with the fixes that I have identified have solved these issues at the last 3-Gun match that I've attended.

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