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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/27/2003 10:29:10 AM EST
Last time I posted something about this I had a pile of e-mails asking additional questions. I'll do my best to answer them. This is a mechanical, self-adjusting rate reducing buffer that replaces the original one in the M16/A4/AR15. I have tested it with .223, several brands of ammo and several barrels. I have tested it with a 7.62x39 upper with a couple types of ammo. I just receiver my 9mm smg kit so I can test it with that as well. I have a couple cans on the way, in .223 and 9mm so we can measure the ROF in the same, suppressed.

While out last time, we made a few small videos to show the difference in ROF between the original buffer and the MGI buffer. It wasn't until I started working on them in the studio that I realized just how much it reduced the muzzle rise. (Accuracy testing is the next step). I uploaded a few of them to the link below and if you put your mouse pointer on the muzzle, while the MGI Buffer is being used, you will see that the muzzle hardly moves at all! This thing is really reducing the recoil spike like I have never seen before.

Anyway, after the next phase of testing I'll be doing the whole article for Small Arms Review so no more updates here for a while. :-) Any additional questions, I will try to address in the article.

The link goes to Larry Gaglio's website (CCFA.com) where I uploaded them for use on his Buffer info page.

Jeff Z

p.s. They are AVI files around 5.5 megs each. I put this message on the M16 Full Auto board and the Subguns site to reach all of you who were originally asking about it. Enjoy!

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