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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/26/2006 6:08:06 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/26/2006 6:08:42 AM EST by osubuckeyes]
Hello, I am looking to buy my first AR-15 and I have narrowed it down to price and what I have searched on this site about reliability. I plan on using my AR for deer hunting and pleasure shooting. I have it down to Rock River, DPMS, and COLT. I want an M-4 style and will need a scope. I would like to be able to have alot of distance on my AR, I have read about how a "heavy" barrel would be better for this. If this is true, which barrel would work well? Please inform me on which one would be good and why. I would also like to know which scope would be decent for deer hunting. Would I be able to use my existing M-16 magazines in my AR?

I have an offer from a Rock River salesman for an LAR-15 carbine with green furniture, rock river lower, and a 4x swat scope. This package for $775.00
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 6:25:15 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 6:41:15 AM EST
The LAR series covers a lot of ground ---> As seen here

You list DPMS and Colt in the same sentence which is confusing since while both make good ARs. the DPMS is a considerably lesser quality gun

I'd look to either a 16" Carbine from either RRA or Bushmaster in the A3 configuration (flat-top) or a 20" er from the same companies also in A3

Bottom line..............read up here on the site and see what others are doing, what looks good to you, and if at all possible, get out and shoot a friends gun and see what you like/dislike about it and work from there

Don't get in a hurry or jump on a deal that is "too good to be true" because it usually is (too good to be true)

Lots of good stuff on this site that can save you hundreds and a lot of aggravation

Link Posted: 3/26/2006 6:45:22 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/26/2006 6:54:32 AM EST by WildTurkey]
For hunting in alot of states you must use a mag that only holds 5 rounds. I beleive that is the case here in Wisconsin. For hunting I'd pick the 20 inch Varminter type AR from RRA or Bushmaster or DPMS. Get at least a 1in8 barrel for the heaviest bullets. Fluted barrels are just for looks. if you like the look go for it but it really doesn't buy you much. your package sounds good. in hunting you rarely need more tha 4X. the varitable power scopes do better on the range. But don't forget to turn that power down. Ever try to find a deer standing 35 yards away with a scope set for 9X. not fun--Experience talkin. IMO I wouldn't go with the 16in carbine for HUNTING. you want as much velocity on the bullet as possible. especially in Texas where you might be getting longer shots. You might even be better off buying the 308 verison AR.
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 7:09:59 AM EST
I don't want a 308 AR. So should i get an 18in or 20 in? I am pretty much settled with RRA because of the price and the way people talk about them. Any ideas about a scope? thanx
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 1:17:20 PM EST
For fit, finish and $$$$ I dont think you can go wrong with RRA
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 1:18:28 PM EST

Originally Posted By usagold:
For fit, finish and $$$$ I dont think you can go wrong with RRA

+1 for RRA
Link Posted: 3/26/2006 5:17:06 PM EST
Spend as much as you can on the scope. 30mm tube is best but cost almost as much as rifle. figure at the very least $200 for a good 1 inch scope. Luepold variXII or variXIII are good as well as Nikon bushmaster or Monarch series. Of coarse there is always the german scopes.

goto www.swfa.com and research.

For deer hunting and shooting a good 3x9 is fine. you will rarely if ever need more than 10X. besides if you go much higher than that mirage and field of view can be a problem. leupolds Midrange tactical scope MR/T M1 3x9x36 has all you will ever need in a scope but sells for about $800. there are cheaper options tho. Good Luck and good shooting
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