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Posted: 9/18/2004 7:33:38 PM EDT
I have been having all kinds of problems in southern minnesota trying to find a FFL that will order me a lower reciever for an AR15 (they all refuse do to "legal reasons"). I would like the Mega brand lower.. Can anyone help??
Link Posted: 9/18/2004 7:55:48 PM EDT
That sucks. I know the feeling. In my area I found 6 dealers who would do it, but RAPE you on the charge to deter you from doing transfers and have you buy from them instead.

I found a small store, more of a tiny shack of a shop where the owner did the transfer for cheap. Go to a local gun club or range, and ask around. Someone there might be a gunsmith or someone might have a license to do it. You would be suprized to learn how many FFL holders there are out there that aren't listen on the web or not the well-known big shops in the area.

Most of the big stores I have been to treated me poorly and had outrageous prices. ($50-$100) per lower....I did got it done for $25, and figured it was fair. Some stores or dealers don't even want to do it at all. I found one place that was cheaper, but wasn't worth the long drive.

Keep searching. If the trouble becomes too much, check out gun shows and see if you can pick one up there. I got the lowers fro $115 (90 + 25 for FFL)...I seen MEGAs at gun shows for $140 out the door, that's including the $5 NICS. Might be worth it to do something like that since not only are you done with the whole process in 10 minutes, but you also get to see exactly what you are buying. Might be worth it if your time and patience can't handle other options.

Good luck.
Link Posted: 9/18/2004 8:19:35 PM EDT
Try some of the gun auction sites. They will list FFLs in your area. They may have some that aren't associated with any of the gun shops
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 6:27:45 AM EDT
I'm in central minnesota and I there is a dealer here that has ordered me several lowers. If you want to try tis dealer, send me an email. Paul
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 10:04:21 AM EDT
I could do that for you, but I live in West central MN
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 10:10:36 AM EDT
Go here and put in your ZIP code:
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 2:04:52 PM EDT
You could try FAC in Fridley(?). They have DPMS & Oly lowers.

Look in the summer catalog
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