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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/20/2003 11:14:48 PM EDT
O.K. This has taken a while but I really like the way this turned out. What started out life as a Varminter is now a 16"Vmatch, equipped with the Ace skeleton stock. It has an ARMS #40 Rear Sight, Busmaster's Front sight designed specifically for that appliction, and and EOTech 552.

I'm not selling them, I'm just extremely happy with the package. I strongly endorse it (it was an expirement). I'm astounded how pleased I am with this package.

Except, as we all know it needs a light.

As far as I can see, the light is gong to have to mount on the barrel just forward of the gas tube. The front sight assembly is mounted on the barrel encapsulating that part of the barrel and the gas tube.

Part of the everything that I like about this gun is the free floating forearm It's smooth an simple an has no rail systems incorporated into it. Which is fine, I don't need anyting else, but the light is imperative.

Surefire used to catalogue a universal AR-15 mount that incorporated a 6 volt Surefire Light contained in a set of Weaver (ptobably 1") scope rings. Then they bent this piece of iron into an angle shape like a diamond, an designed it to attach to the rife barel by basically clamping down onto the barrel and pinching it only four contact points.

In other words, that's junk (and its still catalogued and it isn't cheap). First of all, I will not use junk, universal, ill fitting parts. And second of all, evem if you wanted to you couldn't. The clamp design obviously contemplated older skinnier barrels. The screws aren't even log enough to allow themselves to grip whn the plates are expanded far enought to accommoate like an M-4 or BM VMatch barrel countour.

So here's the picture. I've got the right Surefire light with the pressure swtches to use it on the VMatch. And the flashlight itself is mounted on Weaver scope rings, the piece that would attach directly to the rail on top on the receiver.

Somehow I've got to find two scope rings that fit the OD of my Sure Fire flashlight, but like the clamp on rings, the base of the ring (I only need one) has to be one segment of rail, not a rail clamp.

This thing exists. I've seen it. I just can't, for the life of me, remember where! Can anybody help?

Thanks guys.

Link Posted: 11/21/2003 6:14:28 AM EDT
There are mounts that will fit into the front sight tower and put little 2" weaver rails port and starboard allowing you to mount any of the rail mounting flashlights up there. Bushmaster use to sell them but I don't see them anymore - and don't see them on Fulton's web site either. It's possible that they weren't heavy or expensive enough to still be marketable in today's 12 pound AR-15 world where bling-bling is the thing rather than function [:(] I don't like using tiny flashlights but here's a GG&G mount to do that. [img]http://www.gggaz.com/images/Slic/SlicSwivle.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 11/21/2003 8:53:46 AM EDT
Paul. Thank you very much for helping me brain storm this one. I LOVED your comment about th 12 pound AR-15. That is exactly what I am NOT constructing. That's part of why I used the BushMaster VMatch 16" Carbine upper receiver over an Ace Skeleton Stock Varminter (actually) lower receiver to make, whatever it is I made? But I like it. Add a sling, and BANG, nice small battle worthy package. Except for sights. So I "expirmented" with an EOTech (Thanks to all of my friends babbling about them on this forum), and I like it also. And because I've never gone into harm's way without "Mr. Murphy," I put BM's flip up front sight on it, and an ARMS #40 Rear sight (becauses it uses one less slot in the rail than BM's own). Electrical stuff can't be depended upon - I give you my computer! Sorry for the novel, but that's the hardware I'm working with. I too share a recollection that BM used to make some "gizmo" to add a rail to the bottom of the front sight assembly or something like that. Maybe like the bottom half of the sight assembly incorporated a 1" section of rail in the design. An inch of rail would be all that I need. But I don't know if I'm making this up, or saw it somewhere but can't remember where? I don't know. I wrote BM. Let's see what they say? But I think I need to find a way to hang the light under the barrel in front of the front sight assembly (that's what I was trying to say). What do you guys think?
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