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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/12/2002 4:34:48 AM EST
M4 Carbine
Lessons Learned
•34% of Soldiers reported that their M4’s handguards rattle and become excessively hot when firing.
•15% reported that they had troubles zeroing the M68 Reflex Sight.
•35% added barber brushes and 24% added dental picks to their cleaning kits.
•Soldiers reported the following malfunctions:
–20% reported double feeding
–15% reported feeding jams
–13% reported that feeding problems were due to magazines.
•89% reported confidence in the weapon.
•20% were dissatisfied with its ease of maintenance.
•Problems reported locking magazines in and some soldiers had to chamber a round in order to lock the magazine.
•Soldiers asked for a weapon with a larger round, “So it will drop a man with one shot.”
M203 Grenade Launcher
Lessons Learned
•50% stated that they had engaged the enemy with their M203 (personnel, buildings, bunkers, and vehicles).
•One soldier used a nonlethal round which fit poorly into the weapon (too tight).
•15% reported that their M203 malfunctioned in combat and they could not open the breach due to stuck breach latches.
•In general, however, Soldiers reported that they were confident in their M203s.
•Other suggestions: buckshot round, better safety switch, non-slip grip on the handguard, and a 40mm muzzle cap.
M249 SAW
Lessons Learned
•25% had engaged the enemy with their SAWs (personnel, bunkers, buildings, and vehicles).
•54% reported problems cleaning or maintaining their weapons.
•30% reported weapons easily rusting.
•80% of Soldiers were pleased with the weapon’s accuracy and lethality.
•64% of the Soldiers were confident in their weapon.
•Soldiers reported ammunition drums falling off and rattling.
M240B Machine Gun
Lessons Learned
•17% reported engaging the enemy with their M240B.
•42% reported problems getting spare parts in Afghanistan (barrels, springs, small roll pins, T&E pin, heat shields, sear pins, spare barrel bag, cleaning materials).
•1 soldier reported a double feed in combat.
•50% reported that they need better ways to carry ammunition (ammo bag, etc.).
•100% were confident in their weapon.
•82% felt that their M240B was reliable.•Suggestions: improved sling, lighter, more durable tripod, more durable heat shield.
M9 Pistol Lessons Learned
•Soldiers had problems with the magazine springs becoming too slack.
•25% felt that the bullets need to be more powerful and of higher manufactured quality.
•50% reported rust and corrosion problems, especially with the barrel.
•63% reported confidence in the M9.

Link Posted: 12/12/2002 5:14:07 AM EST
Ya know this was covered before. This 'report' was not official and since it doesn't present any data its suspect Particularly note this line:
Soldiers asked for a weapon with a larger round, “So it will drop a man with one shot.”
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What soldiers - note the lack of a fixed number or percentage. What only 1 or 2 'asked' so they wanted to include it? It also shows a basic lack of knowledge on terminal ballistics as there isn't ANY small arms round that is guarunteed to drop a man in 1 shot. Now if you go up to crew served weapons (like say a 155mm Howizer) then you could guaruntee the drop.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 5:51:41 AM EST
The Old MAG 58 still kicks talibum by the looks of it, with 100% satisfaction.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 6:47:16 AM EST
IIRC, although some soldiers complained about the stopping power of the 9mm, none of the them actually shot anybody with their pistols.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 9:15:06 AM EST
I agree with Forest, little to no data or objective criteria here to support any conclusions whatsoever. "Lessons learned" by whom? What sample, how many soldiers, from what unit(s), what kind of training/inspection routines, what missions, circumstances of engagement (if any), term definitions, etc...? Too many unknown or unascertainable variables here to remotely give these "lessons" any worthwhile import. O'DubhGhaill
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