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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/23/2006 8:13:35 AM EST
Ok, I'm playing around with putting a scope on the Oly....
Its the standard A-2 fixed upper , I've got one of those form fitted screw-on rail mounts that fit in the carry handle.
Scope: BEC 3x-12x parallex "Gold Label"
Rings: first tried the Leupold standard rings, now have switched to Burris Signature Posi-Align w/ offset inserts.

Problem is the scope mounted waaaay far left when I tried the standard rings. I suspect the bolt-on scope mount is the problem.

I think the Burris rings can correct this, but I was wondering if a Laser bore sighter would save me from wasting a truckload of ammo trying to sight this thing in.

Just tinkering with scoping the rifle for 300yd + ranges.....It can shoot 1MOA all day long on the 100yd range with the A2 iron sights, so it wouldn't take much frustration to make me rip the whole scope contraption off and be done with it.
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 12:09:15 AM EST
I think you'd have to waste a lot of ammo to pay for a bore sighter. I've never bothered with them. You can do a halfway decent job of bore sighting by just pulling the bolt out and looking through the bore with the rifle on sandbags.

However, I never even bother doing that. Just start with the target at something close like 25 yards or so. You have to be pretty far off to miss a decent size target backer at that range, never happened to me. Even if it is off, just move the target closer until you find out where the shots are going. If the target hits the muzzle and you still aren't getting holes in the paper, I'd suspect an ammo problem. ;)

Once you get it mostly centered at 25 yards, then move it out to your desired zero range and fine tune it.

I'd really try and correct the centering problem, if you don't you will either have to adjust your windage for different ranges, or just accept the fact that it will shoot 1"(or whatever) to the right.

Link Posted: 1/24/2006 6:17:55 AM EST
First, if there is a problem with the carry hande mount, fix the problem, don't fix around it. Second, I don't think you need a bore sighter, just do as mchasal suggests and you will have no problem getting your rifle zeroed.
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