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Posted: 9/17/2004 12:13:36 PM EDT
Tuesday morning I ordered a .300 Fireball kit from Model 1. A big brown truck dropped it off at my office Wednesday... Model 1 shipped it the same day I ordered! Thursday the brass and dies arrived from Midway.

I have today (friday) off work...so, hmm... how about go to the range? After several nanoseconds of deliberation I talked myself into it!

Well, after running 10 rounds through with the "shoot once / clean the barrel" routine I decided to shoot a grouping not expecting too much yet. I was wrong...with a clean bore I shot 1 fouling shot... the next four went into .38" at 50 yards! I only had a few reloads left so I shot one more group that opened up with one "flyer" to .60" (my fault, I'm sure).

Overall... I'm pleased with Model 1s kit... it functions perfectly. The .300 Fireball is a FUN round to shoot... I can't wait to try it out at longer distances with heavy high BC bullets!


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