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Posted: 10/10/2005 5:41:29 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2005 5:45:13 PM EDT by FLDrifter]
just bought a RRA LE Tactical CAR Rifle (16inch barrel) and I must admit that I am a little intimidated ( which I didnt expect).  I have always been an avid target shooter and feel comforable working on my pistols and shot guns.

I have been shooting pistols and shotguns since I was a child and became interested in the AR15 after watching the coverage of the 3 gun competition on 'Shooting USA'.

Now it seems I have more questions than I have been able to answer.
First of all what gun is RRA AR modeled after? I see the terms AR15/M16/and  M4 carbine used and am not sure which matches the RRA gun the closest, its model says CAR15?
(1911's are easy as far as I am consered, once again Colt is the standard, but theres basically three sizes and thats it, manufacturer to manufacturer the main difference is the extractor and triger.)

Also I am interested in optics.  I am quite familiar with red dot sights.  I have a Nikon red dot mounted on my Berretta Neos.  I am especially interested in the Trijicon ACOG sight but am confused by 2 things.
1.  Only the The TA01NSN states it is meant for a flattop mount with 16 inch barrell.  The rest all state they are meant for 20 inch barrels.  Is the only sight I should consider for my AR, will it work?
2.  Do I mount the sight on the tactical handle which does have a picatinny rail?  Or Do I remove the tactical handle and mount.  Which option will allow me to retain backup iron sights?  

Link Posted: 10/10/2005 6:00:42 PM EDT
that is most like a semiauto M4. though it could also be considered a CAR15 with m4 furniture and an m4 style barrel

optics can be mounted on the rail or on the reciever directly, your choice

you will need a buis if you mount it on the reciever, maybe not if it is mounted on the handle.

dont know about the optics, you can zero it for any barrel. the bullet drop markings might be off with certain optics

im saving up for an ACOG.....but i keep buying more rifles. maybe one day
Link Posted: 10/10/2005 6:05:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2005 6:07:09 PM EDT by Orange_Neck]
I don't believe mounting a red dot sight on the rail of the tactical handle will permit co-witness.  Mounting the red dot optics such as the EOTech directly on the A4 receiver or an AimPoint on a raiser mount along with a BUIS such as the LMT or ARMS will allow co-witness.  Though, you may have to use a .040 front sight post since RRA uses a standard front sight base.
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