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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 4/10/2006 9:52:41 PM EDT
I've spent about 5 hours installing this trigger so I have to rant. Maybe it would've went faster if I was a little brighter and it was a less complicated trigger set but man, was it a b!tch. Anyhow, it is a 3lb adjustable single stage trigger. I had to ultimately wind up dremeling (yes, the nasty dremel again which made me wind up replacing my stock trigger anyway, long story, former post...) the safety adjustment screw since it was too long, also the grip-mount screw since I had to put another screw in the kit in the same hole, which that screw I also had to dremel since it was too long. I didn't have a die for that screw which was recommended to lengthen the grip mount threads so I had to spend 15min driving the screw in and out by hand with an allen wrench and die it myself with the provided screw. And I won't forget all the different size allen wrenches I had to use to install it. I'd pick up atleast 1 before I found the right one I needed which happened constantly after much tweaking. Anyhow, I can say I am pleased with the clean break and very little creep of the trigger provided what I paid for it. I was going for perfect but didn't get there since there is slight play in places but a lot less than stock and am very happy with the function checks I've done with it but only the shooting will tell. You can expect lots of tweaking if you're a stickler for a tight/fine trigger. Anyhow, I googled Jard triggers before and searched here for it with not much luck so just thought I'd give a little review on it hoping to help someone else out with the same decision. All in all, function/tightness so far - 4/5, installation - 2/5, the instructions sucked and the design could use some slight improvement for easier installation. Keep in mind I haven't shot it yet.
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