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Posted: 9/18/2005 5:01:46 PM EDT
This probably belongs in BIY but it's related to this thread here:11.5" BBL thread
Mods, if you need to move it go ahead.

When I ordered my J&T barrel I asked if he could put a triangle HG cap on it so I could use the shorty triangle HGs. The guy said no problem and no charge. Great service and fast delivery on the barrel too, 5 days.

Well dang! I went to install my barrel today and I ran into a couple problems, small and bigger.

First I silver soldered the 5.5" flash hider on the barrel and then I removed the barrel from my Sendra carbine I was installing it on. Then I realized I cant install the barrel until the shorty triangle HGs arrive from Total Silence because I need the straight delta ring. The one I have has a blemish. No biggie, just a logistics problem and a bit of a wait.

Thats when I noticed problem #2.
I put the barrel in the upper just to check the fit and check alignment of the sights. Holy mother of poo! The front sight is canted to the left and its canted enough that if I had just checked when I got it, I could have seen it! I mean it's pretty obvious that it's out of alignment with the pin even by the eyeball method.

I guess when he re and re'ed the FSB to change the HG cap he put it back on wrong. Man, it's not that hard to check your work after you're done. Why dont people check their work?

Now, the problem is, I own the fucking thing since I just silver soldered a flash hider on it. This is a bigger problem but I've read enough on this board to know it's not insurmountable. Time for the file!

I get out my trusty set of porting files and start removing material from the upper receiver a bit at a time and rechecking the sight alignment. File, recheck, file, recheck, repeat.

It took a suprisingly little amount of filing to get the sights to line up. I'd say less than a millimeter.
Since I was in the hangar, there were lots of little bits of scrap aluminum around and I cut a little piece to size that just fits in the slot to take up the slack.

Then another bad thing happened. While I was tightening the barrel nut to check the final fit I slipped and broke one of the teeth. Seemed like it broke kinda easy but I'll take that one on myself.

No pics yet, but when I get the shorty HGs I'll do the final install and get some pics of the whole deal.


Great customer service and fast shipping but a little lacking in QC. Had I not asked for the HG cap change I'm sure the barrel would have been aligned correctly. Kudos to them for changing the cap free of charge.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 5:15:09 PM EDT
Have you contacted them to see what they are willing to workout with you first?
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 6:24:15 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Timanator:
Have you contacted them to see what they are willing to workout with you first?

Nope. I'm working around it, less headaches this way.
The fix is already done and really? It was not a big deal, not a great deal, but not a big one either.

When I was an apprentice mechanic I was taught to think and fix things, not be a parts replacement machine.
I understand J&T screwed up but I had already silver soldered the FS on when I found out and at that point...I owned that barrel. No point in even making the call.
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