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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/30/2003 10:13:17 PM EDT
Hey guys, Two days ago I actually had my first failure to feed with russian ammo in my AR. But there is a catch to this. Out of GI mags there was no problems with the ammo, but out of the orilites i was getting problems. They were used when i got them but i've never had feeding problems out of them till now(this is the first time i've runn HP in them). They feed FMJ no problem. It also wasn't out of everymag that I had problems, only two of them really had a problem feeding, and oddly enough they are the two with the best looking set of feedlips. I tried a few rounds of black hills HP ammo out of them and noiticed that even with that, while it did feed, I actually had to use the assist twice to fully chamber rounds. I don't think it's the ammo, but I also can't see how it could be the mags as they look to be in great shape 95% or better. Any ideas, maybe the mag springs? or the follower? I'm kinda stumpped here and looking for something i might be missing. Ya and before ya get on me about the orilites, I'm in the process of replacing them with GI mags, but they are my use and abuse and keep the GI's in good condition for when it matters mags.
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