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5/28/2020 10:18:12 PM
Posted: 1/9/2003 7:53:17 AM EDT
I would really like to have a new lower made to replace my old one (same ser#). I hear RRA bought out PWA. If anyone has any info please post. Thanks.
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 12:26:54 PM EDT
To the best of my knowledge this is true. I don't think RRA will build you a new PWA lower but you could call and ask.
You could probably have your PWA lower refurb'ed and finished, however.
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 3:40:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 3:50:23 PM EDT
id have to say its impossible.  preban uppers ect... can be made . but the true preban item is the lower which is no longer allowed....even though there are no differences.......hmmmmmmmmmm
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 4:58:50 PM EDT
I don't know about other manufacturers, but Oly Arms will replace a pre-ban lower under their lifetime warranty with a new forged one with the same serial #. It's not free though
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 2:51:12 PM EDT
So after reading this.

Is it a bad idea to by a PWA lower?

Are they any good?

What would the value of one of these be
if found?  Pre-Ban/Post


Link Posted: 1/10/2003 3:25:45 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 7:44:55 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Troy:
PWA made high-quality forged lowers.

However, they did not make complete rifles, so proving a PWA rifle is a legal preban is difficult.  Also, of course, BATF has ruled that if a pre-ban AW was ever transferred in non-AW configuration (such as, being trasnferred as just a lower), it is no longer a preban.

For that reason, I'd not buy an alleged "pre-ban" PWA lower unless it came with suitable proof of its status.  But for a post-ban, they're just fine.

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If a complete rifle with a Pre-Ban upper is attached to a Pre-Ban lower. Verified by pre-ban listing on this site of serial numbers.

Would this then be considered a rifle that
would hold up to the BATF test?  
What kind of doccumentation would a person need
to make sure it was a sertified AW.

Link Posted: 1/10/2003 8:27:05 PM EDT
PWA IS making lowers once again.

Or at least, someone is making forged lowers, that say PWA commando just like the older ones.

A RRA dealer at the last DFW show had a TON of them, and said they never went out of business (yeah, right) and that they only make lowers by contract to distributors.

He said the chance of getting one rebuilt are slim to none.

However, they are making new lowers....  or this dealer was lying and had a ton of brand new ones made way back.
Link Posted: 1/11/2003 3:13:04 PM EDT
I thought I heard somewhere that Ruger got all of PWA's machinery.[>:/]
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