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Posted: 2/23/2007 2:10:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/23/2007 4:54:12 PM EDT by K1rodeoboater]
Hey guys, after thinking hard about what I want to build Ive come up with an idea for what I want for my next 2 rifles.  After pricing it out, it's cheapest for new parts to go with Del-Ton (not affiliated with them at all but they've got the lowest prices for a company).  I'll check the EE for sure, but I'm not going to be building till later this summer once I have some money

Build 1 KISS style A3
Lower: DPMS stripped
LPK: Del-Ton standard (DPMS maybe??)
Stock: A2 stock
Upper: Flat Top (who does Del-Ton use?  Will my DPMS handle work ok or should I just get theirs?)
Barrel: 20" 1x9 DTI chrome lined 5.56 HBAR
Handguards: Standard
Flash Hider: A2
Font sight/gas block: Standard A2 front sight
Charging handle: Regular

I was thinking about going with just iron sights but I would like the option of being able to mount optics so a flat top is the way to go.  I'd like to be able to re-use my DPMS handle since once I mount my red dot on my carbine it's never going back on it.  Chances are I'll not mount optics onto this rifle but I'd like to have the option none the less.  I'm trying to keep costs down so I'm not really wanting to spend an additional $75 for a carry handle when I've already got one.  I suppose I could sell the one I've got on the EE, but I'd really like to keep it. They have the DPMS carry handle on their website, so I'm going to assume that they use that one in their kits

Build 2 Long range SPR esque rifle
Lower DPMS stripped
LPK: Del-Ton standard (want to get a single stage trigger later when funds allow)
Stock: A2
Upper: Flat Top
Barrel: 20" 1x9 DTI chrome moly 5.56 HBAR
Handguards: YHM 4 rail light weight FF tube
Flash Hider: A2 (unless there's something else I would be better off with)
Front sight/gas block: YHM 4 rail gas block
Charging handle: Regular

Additional parts
-Rail covers (will look around for something cheap, this is just a range/bench toy so I don't really need them)
-This scope it's a Mark 4 replica with illuminated reticle
-These rigns

I'm debating about getting the chrome lined barrel for this rifle, I know I want it on the other one since the other on is a fun gun, but this one is more for a low budget long range shooter than anything.  Whats your guys' opinion on the parts I've selected for this rifle?  I don't know anything about YHM or flash hiders/brakes.  I'm only using this rifle for target shooting, maybe might one day go squirrel popping with it, but thats about it so it will be babied as much if not more than the rest of my other toys.

These kits seem to be the best deal, they're only a tiny bit more than the cost of a upper alone and they come with the stocks assembly, the lower parts kits
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