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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/4/2005 7:41:08 AM EDT
Do any of you remember the movie "Moskow on the Hudson". Robin Williams plays an Russian immigrant. In one scene, he goes to the supermarket for the first time and is so overwhelmed by
the variety of goods available he passes out (In Russia, if there is a line for something for sale, you get in it). I feel like that poor guy sometimes.
I want a sling for an M4gery. The rifle will be used for classes/training. I like the KISS priciple. So far I'm trying to decide between the IDF sling and the Blue Force Gear Contractor Pac. I feel an aneurism coming on. Ray
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 1:05:15 PM EDT
I just recently completed my fourth carbine class this past weekend,and can definitely attest to the KISS principle in class. I have now officially abandoned my 3 point SOP's and my single point nut busters. I have now switched all of my rifles to the 2 point sling by Boonie Packer. It....to me is the most comfortable sling for an all day class. After the first day Of the class I reconfigured my rifle to the 2p after several problems related to the 1 and 3 point sling. You can get the 2p at www.redi-mag.com for $13 shipped. I bought three after taking a carbine class with Ken Hackathorn but was too stubborn to utilize them since his class had two line relays which allowed my a few minutes rest between drills and was not as hardcore drill oriented as this past class,so the problems did not really shine true at the time. Ths past weekend did not allow me rest between drills and also required ten million tac reloads,of which the 3 point was problematic. The 2p also allows a transition to opposite shoulder by the flip of a latch that is so simply made its not funny and it extends the sling for reach to the weak side without strangulation. All of my 2p's are 1.5". For the $13 shipped investment it is well worth the try in my opinion. It definitely follows the KISS principle as well.
Link Posted: 8/5/2005 1:24:27 AM EDT
00bullitt, Thank's for taking the time to respond. I'll give the sling you mentioned a
look-see. Thank,s again, Ray
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