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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/27/2003 7:08:28 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/27/2003 8:10:43 PM EST by ch11x]
Any knowledge about them would be greatly appreciated! I suspect they are somewhat new gear and only available currently, to Military/LE. Here is a site w/ some info, which was not on AIMPOINT's site (that I could find). This sounds like a very good candidate for my AR. I did email AIMPOINT as well.

Link Posted: 9/28/2003 2:47:05 AM EST
Interesting. Be sure to keep us updated on it. What do they mean by "ER3.5 is a perfect complement to the existing 1x range of products from Aimpoint" ? Does this mean that you mount this behind or in front of your Aimpoint dot sight to get 3.5x magnification ? Or is this a seperate scope ? Both ?
Link Posted: 9/28/2003 6:39:40 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/28/2003 6:47:53 AM EST by M4A2_L073754]
ch11x,I was about to email to ARMS but then I saw your topic and decided to reply first so you gotta hold your horses for awhile I think. I saw one of those sweet sights in gun show today and dealer told that there is no reliable mount for the sight available at the moment. Dealer also told me that Elcan sight base has failed in the tests. That is brand new Aimpoint sight which is coming to market pretty soon. Optics are excellent. Reticle looks like this: ---O--- Horizontal plane and about 7- 10 MOA circle with 1 MOA dot in the center. Technical specs: Optical system Magnification [b]3.5X[/b] Obj. dia. [b]28 mm (1.1 in.)[/b] Exit pupil [b]8 mm (0.31 in.)[/b] Field of view [b]8 degr.[/b] Eye relief [b]70 mm (2.8 in.)[/b] Transmission [b]Can be used together with light intensifiers[/b] Reticle [b]Illimination red, 650nm. 2 standard configurations available, can be customized on demand[/b] Power Source [b]One AA alkaline 1.5V or lithium 3V[/b] Battery life [b]100- 1000 hours[/b] Ret. illumination [b]8 day mode and 8 night mode positions. Automatic shut off after 4 hours[/b] Dimensions Length [b]135 mm (5.3 in.)[/b] Width [b]65 mm (2.6 in.) incl. battery compartment[/b] Height [b]50 mm (2.0 in.) sight only[/b] Optical axis [b]25 mm ( 2.0 in.) above[/b] mounting surface Weight [b]480g (16.9 oz) sight only[/b] Material housing [b]Anodized aluminium[/b] External finish [b]All rubber coated, matte black[/b] Lens covers [b]Rubber, black[/b] Environmental specs Temp range [b]-45 to +70 deg C (-50 to +160 deg F)[/b] Temp shock [b]-40 deg C for 2 hours to 55 deg C for 2 hours, temp change 15 s[/b] Humidity [b]Relative humidity 95%,40deg C[/b] Immersion [b]10 M (30 ft) waterdepth[/b] Shock [b]500G - 0.8 ms in optical axis direction 100G - 6 ms perpendicular to optical axis[/b] Vibration [b]10-150 Hz, 5.8G, displacement 3 mm[/b] Chemical resistance [b]Not affected by cleaners, lubricants, oil or insect repellents[/b] Article # [b]11160[/b] Mechanical interface For Picatinny rail with with integrated adjustments for windage and elevation Weight 200 g (7.07 oz) So, my question to ARMS concerning mount is, when? I´m pretty sure this is pretty hard competitor for Trijicon ACOG and I´m going to have one (of both of course). MN
Link Posted: 9/28/2003 8:28:01 AM EST
444: I beleive that this is a completely new optic [3.5X w/ new reticle(s)]. I am waiting for a reply from Aimpoint regarding this optic, which isn't listed anywhere on their site. I'll keep everyone posted, once I get some more facts together.
Link Posted: 9/28/2003 8:59:01 AM EST
M4A2: Thanks for the info. I bet ARMS has or will have a mount soon. That reticle you describe sounds pretty sweet. I currently have a COMP ML2 (2X-2MOA dot), and I really like it. I have heard nothing but great things about the ACOGS, yet for my next scope was thinking more along the lines of a US OPTICS SN12. For now I'll just hurry up and wait.
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 11:55:22 AM EST
I handled one of these at SHOT in February & was NOT impressed. The mount itself is proprietary, & incorporates the adjustments required to zero the optic (just like the ELCan.) The reticle was nice & easy to acquire, but the mount was/is the weakest point of the system. Thanks, but I'll spend my $ on another ACOG.
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 1:40:53 PM EST
I think I'll wait and see how they hold up too. The mounting does look pretty weak.
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 3:37:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 4:36:56 PM EST
Very Interesting, I like the 2.8" Eye Relief. much better than the Acogs. I'm gonna wait and see what they do about the mount issue. Either way this is good for us ! the more competition the better , I think Trijicon needs a little humbling
Link Posted: 10/3/2003 6:44:11 PM EST
I received an email reply from an AIMPOINT Rep. Here is what he had to say: "Chris, The E.R. 3.5 is not currently in production, we are still working out some mounting bugs on it. There has been a T.& E. in OIF through Delta on the 50cal Barrett. Keep checking our web site to see when it will be available." Hurry up and wait...
Link Posted: 10/5/2003 9:03:44 AM EST
I just got this email from them today : Dear Sir, We are still working out some bugs on the mount for the E.R. 3.5. We do not know exactly when it will be readily available for the public. It will most likely go to the Military first. It could come with an inverted chevron with tick marks to the side, or 1.5 moa dot with a 10 moa circle around it. It has 8 day time settings and 8 night time settings. We will post it on the web site when it becomes available. Regards, Paul Needham Technical Support Aimpoint Inc.
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