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Posted: 8/25/2004 12:53:04 PM EDT
I must say my first dealing with Grant was outstanding. I have NEVER ordered AR parts as I have a guy locally who can set me up pretty nicely for the run of the mill stuff. I am used to dealing with HK dealers, large surplus corps. I gotta say, this was a very pleasant transaction.

I did start a thread as I was indecisive about what RAS to get. I feel stupid now as Grant kept mildly suggesting LaRue. I always figure when a dealer that stocks many of the competing products, he peddles what he makes the biggest mark up on, or stock that he has in excess. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE WITH GRANT!

This RAS is the finest machine work, design and anodizing I have ever seen in a firearm product. I often think these parts are grossly marked up, but I am not so sure here. The CAD programming, the machine work, the attention to detail is all expensive and I think this RAS comes in with a modest profit margin for the amount of rails they must make. The only RAS' I have had the chance of examining up close are the standard Knights RAS and the Daniel Defence. That being said, this RAS is the nicest of the three. Being from TX, I love the little TX logo and the the qote on either side of the 6 o'clock rail "Live free or die." Hell, if I was a troop in Iraq, I would get great pleasure out of having that on my weapon.

A nice touch was the LaRue Armadillo Texas bottle opener that came with the RAS. It is machined to NASA standards with the LaRue logo and the motto.......God bless our troops.......especially our snipers!!!

I am sold on LaRue and G&R tactical. I have always had an AR. I always treated it like the bastard of the safe. Well, with some of the new products, my AR will be elevated to pimp status in the safe and will accompany me to my carbine matches. Next, SPR or AR10 tac driver.

...........resistance is futile......
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