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Posted: 5/14/2003 7:17:17 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/14/2003 7:20:30 PM EST by Boom_Stick]
Money wont be an issue, so which is the best way to mount an Aimpoint to my rifle with BUIS? It's a flattop 16" barrel with milled off front sight base.

1) Arms #38 (std., ext. or S-ext.?) w/ arms #22M68 for aimpoint

2) Arms #40 w/ arms #22M68 for aimpoint, and Oly arms FIRSH (for FAR forward mounting of aimpoint).

3) ....or your idea!

This is for if I dont go for broke and get the TA11!

Link Posted: 5/14/2003 7:53:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/14/2003 7:56:19 PM EST by Cixelsyd]
I don't know the ARMS model #'s, but what good is a BUIS without the front sight post? Just curious. CHRIS
Link Posted: 5/14/2003 9:31:36 PM EST
Originally Posted By Cixelsyd: I don't know the ARMS model #'s, but what good is a BUIS without the front sight post? Just curious.
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I've already made up my mind on what I want for the front sight. [img]http://www.bushmaster.com/shopping/bmas/Images/yhm-9360-smal-small.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 5/14/2003 9:59:37 PM EST
Ahhh. Gotcha. [8D] CHRIS
Link Posted: 5/14/2003 11:19:08 PM EST
I've got the "#1" option you listed...Arms #38 std with the #22m68. I love it...Very sturdy set up.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 9:21:47 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/16/2003 7:04:39 AM EST by WhatRu]
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 11:38:37 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/15/2003 11:44:01 AM EST by SMGLee]
Is this an actual KAC cantilever or is it a Airsoft mount you are selling for this low price? If it is an actual KAC product, I will take it. As far as mounting the Aimpoint, I would suggest the #22/M68 on the flatop with an spcaer. the #38 is nice but why add rail on top of rail?? it also adds weight to the gun. of cource unless you are going for the full length rail that bolts down into the handguard like the SPR setup, then that is a different story. My favorite set up would be a GG&G or KAC cantilever setup with ARMS #40.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 3:47:43 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 12:58:47 PM EST
Troy, why not the extended #38 for mounting the sight out further?
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 1:15:26 PM EST
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