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6/2/2020 2:34:59 PM
Posted: 1/5/2003 5:58:37 PM EDT
Hello, this is my first post on this board. I have become intrested in aquiring an AR-15, and while I have been shooting for pretty much my whole life, I know very little about AR's. I have been lurking in this forum for some time now, and I have learned quite a bit, but I do have a few additional questions.

Would it be more advisable to build my own from a parts kit + lower, or to buy a complete Bushmaster? Money is of concern, and I am fairly confident in my ability to put one together. How much will I save if I assemble it myself?

I have looked at the barreled uppers on J&T's website, and they are not chrome lined. If one keeps the rifle clean, is this a huge issue? What are the benefits of chrome lining aside from protecton from corrosion?

I just want a regular 20" A2, nothing fancy. It must be accurate though. What are my chances of getting an accurate rifle from a parts kit?

I look forward to hearing your replies, and to conversing with you all in the future.

Link Posted: 1/5/2003 7:06:10 PM EDT
1.Build yourself
4.None, My opinion
5.Very good to excellent if not better than a complete Gun
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 7:14:10 PM EDT
I too am new to the AR-15 world of guns, but I am not new to guns.

What I have learned so far is chrome is a good thing.  I find myself firing many more rounds from my Bushmaster V-Match w/20" barrel than I would have ever imagined...too much fun to put down. Chrome lining allow for lots of round between cleaning, my guess is it is a x 10 factor over non lined bores.

Accuracy is in fact outstanding.  I have been firing remanufactured ammo from Hornady under the 3-D Brand label "Coyotee Varmint Duster" with better than expected results.  The heavy barrel and floated barrel are key to good accuracy.  I would also plan on a trigger upgrade from JP Entprises, makes a big difference at the range.

I recommend the purchase of a complete rifle as your first AR-15.  Unless you have a ton more will power than I, you will soon have more than one AR-15, the second can be custom built by you once you have tasted the pleasures of hundreds of rounds down range in a single afternoon.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 7:57:18 PM EDT
OK If you nuild the rifle yourself, as opposed to buying a new Bushmaster, you'll be missing a few "freebies."  1) the rifle case, 2) the sling, 3) the 10 round mag, 4) the manual and sight in target, 5) and most importantly, the factory warrantee.

You'll save at least 100 bucks (possibly more depending on what kit you buy).  I put together a Bushy M4A3 (flattop) with all Bushmaster parts for around 800.  It was my second AR.

Chrome barrels will last consderably longer than non chrome lined barrels.  Non chrome lined barrels, on the otherhand are suposed to be more accurate.  Personally I'd go with the chrome.  I think the acuracy of the chrome v. non chrome lined barrel is pretty marginal compared to the longevity of the chrome lined barrel.

AR's are, in general, very accurate rifles.  You shouldn't have a problem here unless you buy REALLY defective parts.
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