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Posted: 10/25/2004 6:37:27 AM EDT
Well, this weekend I bought a new TAO1 NSN at a great price. Now I'm wondering if its not the scope for me. I have used aimpoints and eotechs (I have both and appreciate both for there areas of strength). Truthfully, Ive never been a fan of scopes (too much small bore and service rifle), but I have accepted the fact that I cant change the fact my eyes are getting older. I now use an optic on damn near everything I shoot much.

Here's my problem (optics section specific at least) The damn eye relief. I notice that I tend to have all of my magnified optics farther back (toward the stock) by about a 1/2 inch than most shooters. This is not going to change. In this case, I find that I have to creep my cheek forward of the collapsible stock ending up with my cheek weld being on the buffer tube (YUCK!) in order to 'see' the entire field of view. Since this not like ANY other cheek weld I use, I find that Im constantly shifting forward/backward with both shooting and shouldering the rifle - geeh thats fast.

Currently, Im using an arms 40L for a buis which means that I have to have the scope mounted (using the supplied Trijicon factory flat-top base) one upper rail position forward than I would like since one or the other wont quite fit if they are touching - theres about a 1/10 inch overlap that prevents this. I did try a buddies ARMS 10 (?)mounted TAO1 and it will let me get the 2 touching. EDIT to avoid bitching about the intent (?) of ARMS to force one into buying another product. EDIT.

Even using the ARMS base, while its an improvement, its not ideal, just ok.

SO... how to I get the scope farther back? And keep a BUIS. Anybody else have trouble with this? Should I use a different BUIS (since the dealer will let me exchange it)? Any body else have this same problem?

Hell, should I pass a good deal onto another arfcomer and get a different optic?


Link Posted: 10/25/2004 8:18:08 AM EDT
LaRue ACOG mount - more secure than the ARMS #19S and very compact - the scope should be back far enough for you.
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 5:03:55 PM EDT
I'll give that a thought Forrest. Thanks for the suggestion.

It must be the only answer. I figured I'd get a host of never seen before mounting options....but
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