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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/14/2010 12:39:57 PM EDT
A good friend of mine found out I was building an AR, and he sent me a complete BCG that he had "just sitting around for years".

The bolt itself is marked "CM", which to my understanding means it is a CMT product (which equals STAG?)?

Comparing the features to what is listed on the awesome M4 Guide, it does not seem to match up to attributes of a CMT/STAG BCG.

It is a M16 style carrier, with fully shrouded firing pin (chart says CMT/STAG carriers are AR15 style).
The Gas Keys are properly staked.
The only marking is a "D" located on the rear right side of the carrier.

Any feedback you may have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 12:43:41 PM EDT
I have a CMT carrier and bolt but no markings Sorry
anyway CMT is GTG

you have a nice friend

Is it New
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 12:46:47 PM EDT
It was new in the bag, he had bought an extra years ago but almost never shoots his AR. And yeah, he is a great guy, a solid friend.
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 12:47:08 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/14/2010 12:47:42 PM EDT by LaRue556]
I have a CMT BCG, it does not match the features or markings that you are describing.

Whoever made it.........you got a good one.

Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:11:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/14/2010 1:13:53 PM EDT by jerz_subbie]
Is D Diemaco(Colt's Canadian "brother")? I'm not sure that DPMS marks their carriers as I've only handled couple, both unmarked, but it's another possibility.

Does it look like this?
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:19:43 PM EDT
Close, but not quite - A very plain "D" of the same size in the same place.

And for the record, the carrier is also light grey vs. the standard black found on the bolt.
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:22:15 PM EDT
Amateec Arms carriers were marked with a "D"
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:30:29 PM EDT
Not finding anything "Amateec Arms" anywhere on google. Got any info or a link on them?
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:35:32 PM EDT
Who cares who made it??

It was FREE!!

Link Posted: 9/14/2010 1:40:51 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Kyarguy:
Who cares who made it??

It was FREE!!


Not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything, Im just curious as to what is going into my rifle. On that note- my reaction when I got it was....

Link Posted: 9/14/2010 2:09:56 PM EDT
If it is a plain D it is a DPMS carrier and the bolt is a CMT bolt. DPMS marked there bolts that came with complete rifles with a D for a while. As far as I know they are back to the regular non marked ones havent seen one with a D on it in a while.

Link Posted: 9/14/2010 3:32:31 PM EDT
Right on, good to know-
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 4:18:31 PM EDT
I purchased a DPMS bcg 2 months ago from a friend that is a dealer. Chromed bore, chrome gas key bore, properly staked and "D" stamped on the side. Also ever so lightly stamped MP on the bolt (almost couldn't make it out without cheaters).
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 4:29:03 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/14/2010 4:29:24 PM EDT by Captains1911]
Originally Posted By Kyarguy:
Who cares who made it??

It was FREE!!


If somebody gave you a Kmart brand BCG (hypothetical) for free, wouldn't you want to know it was a POS? Likewise, if it was a brand new Colt, wouldn't you want to know?
Link Posted: 9/14/2010 4:42:14 PM EDT

An interesting comment:

"I contacted them (Spikes) a couple weeks ago and was told, "They (BCGs) are made by a large government contractor" When I contacted Fail Zero, they were more up front and I can quote them, "Yes our BCGs are made by Advanced Ordinance". "

Link Posted: 9/14/2010 4:53:12 PM EDT
>>>Not finding anything "Amateec Arms" anywhere on google. Got any info or a link on them?<<<<

I doubt they're still in business
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