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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 11/18/2003 12:34:29 PM EDT
Does anyone know if the Trijicon ACOG external windage and elevation knobs are available to already produced scopes or must you order one from the factory and have it installed before it sent out?

I have been considering going with a TA31 over a TA11 for a few reasons and if I make that switch the only reticle available is the carry handle 20" 55 grain reticle. That reticle does not match AT ALL with my choice of 77 grain Nosler ammo and 14.5" barrel on a flat top.

HOWEVER I have discovered through some ballistic calculations that if I can set the scope up for a 50 yard zero in the center of the donut it will work out to 300 yards with just the donut (kind of like an IBZ) and by adjusting the scope by several MOA I can get the 400-800 yard ladder to match up. This would require 2 different settings on the scope. One for 0-300 and another for 400-800 (kind of like flipping to the small aperature on iron sights)

Also if I get the external adjustable wondage knob I can adjust for a POI shift when mounting a supprressor or using different ammo. Its $200 to install both knobs at the Trijicon factory which is an acceptable trade off for the reduced weight, improved cheekweld and larger reticle of a TA31 over the TA11 (although I will lose eye relief) but its not worth it if I must pay full retail for a TA31 from Trijicon.

Also does anyone have any pics of the external windage knob installed on an ACOG? Is it still water proof?

Jeez, why cant Trijicon just come out with the SOPMOD 2 variable power scope with external knobs and reticle set up for 77 grain ammo for M4s so I can be done with all ths tinkering and swapping?
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 3:35:22 PM EDT
DEVL You are the man. You need to talk to Steve Bindon at Trijicon, soon. Jack
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