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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/30/2005 4:38:41 AM EST
Been following things here for a while. Terrific group of folks. Learning a lot. Wanting to build a very accurate ( 1/2 moa ) that's 8 lbs max, without plastic (sic) parts. It appears that my specifications work against each other. Example : muzzle break and accuracy. While I will be target and predator shooting there will also be some young folks taking instruction. I would really like to deduce recoil. Understanding the recoil / weight problem, I can help a little with reloading. Am finding that most suppliers do not provide a lot of technical details, like the weight of their products. Even a complete rifle " varmint light" is listed without it's weight. Unable to find the weight of any butt stock product. Go figure. Bushmaster has listed lightweight rifles, but not the lowers or uppers. I'm assuming the pneumatic pistons add a lot of weight. As you can see, I'm not making much headway on this issue. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Leftyshooter.
PS: rifle will be right handed.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 4:45:16 AM EST
I'm not sure I understand the point or what you're trying to do.

Of all the breaks I've shot, the Miculek has been the most effective, albeit very loud for people standing next to the shooter.

I'm also unclear on what you mean by avoiding plastic parts. You don't want plastic handguards, pistol grip, or stock?
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 4:48:44 AM EST
weights of butt stocks

just look around a bit the info is here
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 9:41:47 AM EST
The Holland break is pretty much the same as the Miculek. Very effective. You will have virtually zero recoil. I installed one on a 7.62 and it feels like a non-comped 5.56. A comped 5.56 is about like a .22LR, just louder.

If you have not shot an AR yet, recoil is very light with a plain crowned barrel. A muzzle break/compensator installed correctly may move your point of impact, but should not reduce accuracy. POI shift is fixed via sight adjustment.

Why the need for .5 MOA? You can lighten the rifle via shorter barrel, and staying away from Varmint or Bull barrels.

If, by plastic parts, you meant buttstock, pistol grip and handguard you will have to use wood since that is the only other alternative (except high end target buttstocks and aluminum rail handgaurds) and that adds weight over plastic.

Link Posted: 12/30/2005 11:49:03 AM EST
Wolf has significantly less recoil than other ammo that's readily available.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 12:06:21 PM EST
Stop by the "ohio hometown" forum and say hi!

We have a shoot coming up in january. Introduce yourself in the hometwon forum and ask if you can try out some AR's @ the shoot. I'm sure there will be a buffet of different weight rifles for you to check out.

Link Posted: 12/30/2005 12:35:49 PM EST
Couple of ideas:

- free float handguards add weight.
- For accurate shooting, at least an HBAR should be used. Again, extra weight.
- Collapsible stocks are lighter than regular A2 stocks, but as the buffer tube is shorter = more felt recoil.

So, my suggestions:
- Use .223 loaded ammo, not 5.56mm. I personally like Black Hills Blue Box stuff.
- I would avoid a muzzle brake. If the youngin's are messing with it, it tends to get loud.
- If your gas system can handle it, use an extra power buffer spring. I use a 2x power music wire one from MGI. The side benefit is that it also eliminates (or greatly reduces) the "sproing" sound from the buffer spring.
- Again, if your system can handle it, add the MGI Rate Reducing Buffer. It greatly softens the initial impact. It also keeps you on target. It ads about 4-5 oz. overall. (It weights just over 7 oz. I believe).
- Change out your gas tube for an adjustable one. Get it tuned so that you have just barely enough gas to cycle the action. Less gass = less recoil.
- For a stock, if you want light weight and a full length, get an ACE.
- You said no plastic, but a DCM free-float handguard set may be lighter than a solid aluminum one.

My rifle won't shoot 1/2 MOA groups (it's the shooter, not the rifle), and it now weighs probably 9+ pounds now. However, it recoils just a tad more than my 10/22. Just a bigger "bang" now. I also have a Phantom 2C (or whatever) that uses a "bit" of compensation.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 3:16:28 PM EST
Some great ideas, I'm looking into them. Sorry about the plastic confusion. I should have just said that I wasn't interested in a Bushy carbon 15.
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