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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 1/23/2007 12:42:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/23/2007 7:50:50 PM EST by brasidas]
I have a Streamlight M3, and a little rail from GG&G attached to my AR-15's handguards to mount the light. It works good but the metal mount keeps warping my handguards. I guess it retains a lot of heat and melts the handguards a little. It has done this to two different handguards.

I am thinking of getting Troy's railed forend - what is a good way to mount the M3 to that?


ETA: TactialConcepts - sorry, I meant to type Streamlight and typed Surefire instead - sorry for the confusion. My light is a Streamlight.
Link Posted: 1/23/2007 6:12:29 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/24/2007 4:27:26 AM EST by TacticalConcepts]
ETA, I just noticed it was Streamlight M3 not Surefire M3...sorry about that

But to answer this one, you can mount it anyway you want for the most part, 3,6 or 9 o'clock on the rail. You can even get their remote switch if you are so inclined. If you chose to run a VFG you can still activate the toggle switch from either of those positions .


Link Posted: 2/21/2007 9:55:13 PM EST
If your weapon is a carbine w/baynoet lug you can use a TDI lug mount and attach the light that way. Thats what I do.

Link Posted: 2/26/2007 10:39:00 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/27/2007 12:22:43 PM EST by bluefalcon]
I've got one of those TDI mounts on my fiance's rifle with an M3. It works well for us. Of course there are the front sight base mounts which some folks like. If you still want to put it on a railed handguard (nothing wrong with that), I've had good luck using a short piece of ladder rail cover behind the light to keep it where I want it.

removed typo.
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