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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/19/2003 3:36:32 AM EST
....for their M16s? They can't nearly be paying as much for their gear as we do.

I've always wondererd how much the lowest bid went for...
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 5:38:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/19/2003 5:39:10 AM EST by StewartTR]
I read someplace (forgot where) the the Govt pays $550.00 for an M16. That should give you some idea of the profit margin the Mfg makes for and $800.00 AR.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 6:05:56 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/19/2003 6:08:23 AM EST by jimtash9]
Even $550.00 is too much especially for the government that buys in quantity. Don't think about the materials that make up the rifle itself because there is nothing exotic there. Rather look at the machinery needed to manufacture it. Over its production time, this machinery has been paid off who knows how many times. The different brands all usually use uppers manufactured from the same sources, none are in house built. I doubt they manufacture the gips, handguards or buttstocks in their own molds, and I seriously doubt they manufacture the internals of the rifle. The machinery and molds used to manufacture these items have been paid off long ago. I doubt an A-2 buttstock assembly cost Bushmaster $50.00 to aquire, probably more like $10.00-$20.00. Flip through their catalog and see what they sell it for. Probably the only part of the rifle that is really manufactured by the major brands nowadays is the lower receiver and how many lowers does it take to pay off machinery that is probably over 10 years old? You can now see that the rifle brands are capable of making huge profits on their products especially on something that has been in continuous production for over 40+ years like the AR-15/M-16 rifles.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 6:38:45 AM EST
Don't forget the reams of qualifications, testing, and inspection that have to be gone through for gov't contracts. These are the true source of the socalled K$ hammers and toilet seats.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 7:03:09 AM EST
.....and the biggest expense of all, INSURANCE. I would love to see how much of the cost of these items is just to cover that expense. Echap
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 8:05:24 AM EST
Repacement cost of a Colt M16A2 is $493. I remember seeing it on the wall in the armory. Replacement cost on a FN M249 SAW (minimi) is about $2500 if i remember correctly. Last transferable 249 i saw went for over 100,000!
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 10:57:49 AM EST
Local Cops have purchased personal AR15's (Bushie LEO models) for $500.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 11:24:25 AM EST
Can't tell about the AR but they are buyin AK for $59.00
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 12:07:19 PM EST
M16's are under $450 each for the basic unit however the manufacturer loses money on each one out the door. It's basically a loss leader for the other stuff they make.
Link Posted: 9/19/2003 12:31:26 PM EST
Rifle, 5.56mm $449.00 replacement price
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