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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/24/2007 5:50:14 PM EDT
I just bought a Bushmaster Two Stage Trigger and have it installed. I don't think that it is working like I thought it would. Could someone please explain how a two stage is actually supposed to work and what it feels like when you are pulling the trigger. Right now it feels like a REALLY creapy trigger with a somewhat crisp pull at the end, but I am not sure that is how it is supposed to feel.

Link Posted: 1/24/2007 6:45:34 PM EDT
I had a Bushmaster "CMP" marked AR15, which I bought through the CMP. It had that d[horrible]m two-stage trigger. After 60 rounds, it went creepy, and I was never able to adjust it back. I know of no High Power shooters (High Masters) using the BM 2-stage triggers. I wish that I could be of more help.

How a two-stage trigger feels.
"The intent is to make the AR trigger "feel" like those of the M1A/M-14 and M-1 Garand (and many other military rifles). There is a distinct "step" in the trigger squeeze in a two stage vs. a single stage trigger. The Jewell, and some or all other 2 stage match triggers for the AR, also provide a means to "front load" most of the required weight for Service Rifle competition in the first stage thus allowing the second stage to provide a light release. Many competition shooters use the first stage of the two stage trigger to "prep" the trigger by taking up most of the release weight as they are obtaining their final sight picture. The lighter "pull" of the 2d stage (if so set) allows less disturbance of the sight picture and a "surprise shot"."

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