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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/9/2003 5:25:49 AM EST
Someone gave me a collapsible stock to put on a post ban lower I am putting together - what is the best way PIN the stock to make it legal?

I am building this for my wife and daughter to shoot so i want to pin it just a bit shorter than A1 length.
Link Posted: 8/9/2003 6:52:17 PM EST
After deciding that a DIY pinned telestock was legally prudent for my situation, this is what I did. I wanted to make the stock permanently and irreversibly pinned. I used four 1/8" roll pins 1/2" long [3/8" might be better I cut the ones I had down a little]. The holes for the pins should only go through one side so the pins can not be driven out. I put the first pin right through the plunger. the plunger is surface hardened so take the stock apart and grind a flat on it and remove the hardness. The flat will also help keep the drill bit from sliding off while drilling the hole. Reassemble the stock with the flat facing the direction youare going to drill. If you have a drill press use it otherwise clamp the stock in a vise or to a bench. Use sharp bits and a punch and drill this hole through stock,rail and plunger and into the aluminum on the other side but NOT all the way through. Measure hole depth and cut roll pin to correct length. Lube and drive pin in. The next 3 holes are much easier. Locate, drill measure length, cut pin an insert. Take your time; use sharp bits and you will have a custom length stock. I love mine, and it looks great on my M4gery.
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 4:49:16 AM EST
Originally Posted By mayes: Someone gave me a collapsible stock to put on a post ban lower I am putting together - what is the best way PIN the stock to make it legal? thanks
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This has been covered before... There is no legal way to convert a collapsible to a fixed stock.
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 3:19:31 PM EST
I disagree. Many threads here have demonstrated that a permanently fixed telestock will comply with the AWB. This one for instance. www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=4&t=157229 The BATF letter cited there convinced me. Still its a personal descision. I belive the pinned telestock that I made is or will be considered to be in compliance should the issue ever arise. I accept the consequences.
Link Posted: 8/11/2003 4:22:39 AM EST
I have never been that interested in one to look but how do the manufactures do it? Are their's noncollapsable copies or do they PIN/WELD regular collapsable stocks?
Link Posted: 8/18/2003 11:43:05 AM EST
I haven't figured out how to weld plastic to aluminum yet.
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 3:49:25 AM EST
I fixed one using epoxy resin so my wife could use it. The resin in two parts is strong as steel when dried.I glued every part that could move in the position that I needed, and then when dried only the hulk move it. You would destroy it before you could adjust it now. If none of the parts can be moved it is permanantly fixed!!! When the ban is lifted, HOORAY, I can then use my other adjustable in its intended roll....
Link Posted: 8/19/2003 5:07:43 AM EST
I take the whole plunger assy off on the stock and button and drill and tap a hole in CAR receiver extension where the plunger normally locks to or where you want it. My wife's is 1.5" shorter than mine. (she's 5ft tall) I use a stainless steel allen head 'cap screw socket' 1/4"x 1-1/2" screw from Home Depot and paint them black w/Alumahyde or engine paint. The screw goes through the button and plastic stock so you really have to look at it to figure out that its not a preban, from the side it looks preban.
Link Posted: 8/23/2003 10:31:59 AM EST
I don't know how ATF looks at pinning now, but I know in the past what they said was that if you put a pin or several pins in to hold the stock open, then it was real easy to just knock the pins out and make the stock collapsible again. It was the same philosophy they used with dewatted machine guns, i.e. if you could convert them back to full auto without doing any complex machining, then they were not legal. So, as my esteemed colleague stated, using epoxy really works well, because once you have epoxied the stock open, all the drilling or beating with a rubber mallet will not get it to collapse again. So, I would go with the epoxy. I have used epoxy on a couple of collapsible stocks, and it works real well. The key is to make it impossible to get the collapsible stock to collapse again. Charles Tatum Alamo Professional Arms
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