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Posted: 7/3/2012 12:08:42 PM EDT
I'm trying something kinda different... I have never liked having to look through a holographic glass pane with the sight mounted right up on the action. I've always felt like it was restricting my field of view and that the dot, no matter the size (2MOA, 3MOA etc...) always appeared just huge in front of my eye. Also, with the holographic so close to my face, the dot would move around a lot in the viewing window during recoil and target transitions. So I'm trying something new... I bought a cheap little Barska holographic (I know it's cheap but it's doing ok. This is just an experiement anyway,) and I've mounted it way out, basically over the front sight block. It is far enough out that it doesn't appear to be too big in my field of vision and it doesn't restrict my field of view from side to side or above my sight plain. Also, the dot doesn't move as much during recoil or target transition (at least that's my perception.) Because it's so far out on the barrel I can use the 3 MOA dot or the 10 MOA dot without it making a whole heck of a lot of difference as it presents on the target, but with significant difference in how easy it is to see in the viewing window. See pictures below.

Co-witness isn't too bad either... (10MOA dot seen here...)

Now I know there is nothing new under the sun and I'm positive I'm not the first person to try this. But what I'm interested in is opinions on this. Is there a glaring tactical error here I'm not seeing? What about simple functionality?

I'm looking for a way to put a stud of some kind on the little knob on the Barska so I can reach up and activate it with my left thumb...
Link Posted: 7/3/2012 2:33:48 PM EDT
Shoot a barricade drill(ex.  Viking tactics 9 hole drill you'll find this on youtube) you may struggle quite a bit with the RD out that far on the rail.  Also during some more advanced shooting positions you will definitly bang that optic on something. That optic its not going to take a beating and keep on going.  If you bench shoot all the time and you like it then I don't see a problem.  Competition wise I would pull it back.
Link Posted: 7/3/2012 3:18:46 PM EDT
Depending on the rail system being used, the optic may not appear to hold a zero well if there is any movement.  Shooting with both eyes open I have never observed a field of view issue with an Aimpoint or Eotech mounted on the front of the upper.  If you are closing one eye, that may be the reason, but you are also giving up quite a bit just by closing the eye.

Also, like previously said, the further out front the optic is, the greater the chance of knocking it around.  It also adds weight further from the center of gravity of the rifle which may show itself on target, depending on the type of shooting you do with it.
Link Posted: 7/3/2012 3:38:37 PM EDT
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