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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/17/2003 2:12:50 PM EST
OK folks, I have been thinking about this for several days and today I decided I would just go ahead with building what in my eyes will become my own "perfect" AR carbine/rifle. I already have several, but I feel they all lack in some area, either twist rate, optics, barrel length or something. With this project I want to be very deliberate in choosing what goes into it, regardless of how long it takes to complete. It will reflect all of my personal preferences. By doing this I hope to have a finished product that is filled with only the stuff I like while eliminating things that I don't. In other words I want to build my "perfect" gun.

Before asking the specific optic related questions, I will present a little of the background as to what kind of gun this will be.

-It must be rather lightweight. I am so far considering 2 options...16" M4A3 or 16" A3 with lightweight barrel. Though I like HBAR's, I want to stay away from the heavies for this project.

-It must utilize a 1:7 twist chrome lined barrel. I plan to use the 75-77 gr OTM loads in it, so it must be capable of stabilizing them. I also prefer the chrome lining for added reliability and the fact it's more forgiving when it comes to cleaning.

-As far as the stock goes, I will likely pick an A2 unless I get the M4, in which it will likely get a pinned tele-stock to maintain the M4 appearance.

- I will use my favorite weapons light...the Sure Fire 660 on it. Not fancy, but simple and proven. This same philosophy will be found throughtout this rifle hopefully.

-Regardless of what optic is chosen, I want to have iron sights ready as a back-up. The ARMS #40 is almost guaranteed to find a home on this gun. So the optic I choose must work with it.

-As far as the brand of the rifle, I haven't even decided yet. So far I have seen several potential candidates. These include a couple of complete rifles from Colt as well as kits from other manufacturers. The pre-ban M4A3 chrome lined 1:7 twist upper from CMMG looks pretty close to what I want. Being this will be a post-ban gun (provided I complete it before the ban sunsets!), the flash hider will be replaced with either a permanently attached CavComp or Kurt's fake flash hider to maintain appearance. The bayo lug will also be ground down to become post-ban compliant. But regardless of the rifle I choose, it's primary role will be quick, accurate engagement of targets from 0-300 yards. If I could get a bit more distance with it, great. But I likely won't be needing an 800 yard capable weapon for my location.

Now with my purpose and goals out of the way, what optic would be best suited to this role? Deep down inside my gut is telling me to go with an ACOG, even though they are very expensive. I have tried and like the Aimpoints and EOTech sights for CQB. But this gun isn't just for CQB. It will need to be both short and medium range capable. But which ACOG do I need?

So far, my two favorite ACOG's by far are the TA31A and TA50-2 compact with the triangle reticle. I have nothing against the donut reticle, as many others use and love them. But personally, I much prefer the triangle. But it seems both of these scopes also have the very short eye relief, say 1.5" or so. If this is the case, I don't think I would like it very well. And remember, I will be using the ARMS #40 rear sight, so I am gonna have to mount it forward of that. A 1.5" eye relief could be a &^%$# and that bothers me.

So, with that said, would I be better off to use the TA11D or the compact TA44-2? They both use the same triangle reticle but have a longer eye relief at 2.4". I think this would be much more suitable to my personal tastes.

And finally, will the ARMS #19S ACOG mount work with all of these ACOG's or just the full-size ones? And is there a specific type of ACOG meant to be mounted with these or will they fit all of them? I have never owned one of these before, so I really know little about them.

I am sorry for asking so many questions, but being I am working on putting together a rifle that suits me perfectly, I wanna make sure I get it right the first time. In the past I have made compromises and this is something I don't wanna have to do with this gun. I wonder how many people have designed their weapon around the optic as opposed to the other way around? LOL. It seems with today's huge amount of options that actually makes more sense in many ways! And I am having far more trouble picking the optic than the rifle at this point. I will be greatful for all of your input and suggestions, as I know many of you folks have been there, done that.


-Charging Handle

PS, look for a post in the AR discussion forum soon dealing with the rifle itself if interested!

Link Posted: 8/17/2003 2:19:15 PM EST
I'll help out with one of them: 19S will work with all of ACOGs. I have one in use with a TA11, have seen compact ACOGs mounted with it as well. I think you'll be happy with the TA11.
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