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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 9/7/2003 1:10:16 PM EDT
Tried posting this in the DPMS area but haven't gotten a response so I figured I would give it a try here.

First, I am NOT new to shooting (40+ years under my belt but I AM new to AR's....

Picked up an LR308 DPMS .308. They give you the front sling stud but do not drill the front handguard to mount it. So I need to positon it, drill it, stick the threaded end thru the hole and put a nut on the back. Fine till ya get to the nut part as the gas block is in the way. So you have to remove or at least slide it forward (over the gas block) to get room to put the nut on.

The manual does not tell you how to get the handguard off. I am assuming it is screwed to the barrel nut but can someone confirm this?

Also is it right or left handed thread?

If it is threaded what do you use to get it to break loose? There are holes on the back of it but not enough clearance to get any sort of spanner into them. Do I need to pick up a strap wrench?

I know this is a stupid question but not owning one of these before I have to ask, will removing the tube loosen the barrel or barrel nut???

Thanks in advance for your help..

Link Posted: 9/7/2003 6:09:11 PM EDT
If it is of recent mfg. it should be the 2 piece ff handguard assembly. So You should be able to remove just the hand guard tube fron the barrelnut w/a strap wrench!! If it is of older production, they used to make the one piece hanguard. This type of handguards, the barrelnut and handguard is all one piece. For this on you to remove the frontsight-gas block w/gas tube first. then you use the strap wrench to remove the whole handguard assembly!! Good Luck, Stuart
Link Posted: 9/7/2003 7:51:56 PM EDT
Originally Posted By DonT: So you have to remove or at least slide it forward (over the gas block) to get room to put the nut on.
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No, you pull the gas block off and use a long handled box wrench (may need heating and bending) to install the nut. If you remove the handguard you will loose the index of the stud (with most designs) and when you reinstall the handguard the stud won't be on the centerline anymore. If it's an indexable handguard (should have a set screw of some type) that's a different matter. Still, pull the gas block off and install the nut that way.
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