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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/11/2006 11:30:09 AM EST
I signed up for a tactical rifle course in May and need some help. I have a stock RRA Entry Tactical and need to know what else I should get. So, can anyone help me with some recommendations on a good sling, and any other accessories I might need?

Link Posted: 1/11/2006 11:39:46 AM EST
First thing you should do is contact the instructor and ask him..... he would be your best source ...after all, your paying him to teach you something.......
Link Posted: 1/11/2006 11:42:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/11/2006 11:43:12 AM EST by Stickman]

What gear are you bringing? I would recommend setting up your gear in a manner which you are comfortable, and familiar with. Run dry drills with basic reloads from your pouches, malfunction clearance, up on target etc..

While you will learn things, and can expect to probably change some of what you are doing, you still need a solid foundation to build from. Works your basics and get up to speed. Its always rough giving a course when 9 out of 10 people are squared away, and that other person can't figure out how to load their weapon.

Smooth basics allow for greater learning.
Link Posted: 1/11/2006 11:48:13 AM EST
Good ammo.
Good magazines.
The gear you wear or work with everyday.

Shoot the crap out of your guns betwen now and then. Make sure they work before you get there. If you haven't put at least 200 rounds through your guns, do it now. Break them in and make sure they work.

And I agree with Stick. Call the man and ask him what to bring, and what is NOT needed.
Link Posted: 1/11/2006 11:49:13 AM EST
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Link Posted: 1/11/2006 12:22:54 PM EST
The more mags you have, the more time you'll be able to spend observing the other students and learning, instead of reloading mags! 8 minimum.
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