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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/16/2006 8:15:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/16/2006 8:19:33 PM EST by Snaps]
Just wondering since I was DEAD set on spending money on a mini-14 and an A2setup, then found out about the sig and was dead set on that... then i got to wondering... Sig's another 5.56, so what about another cal....

And I've heard alot of good things about POF's stuff and started wondering if anybody'd done that yet
Link Posted: 1/16/2006 8:43:41 PM EST
Try the Leitner-Weise forum.......6.8 gas pistons galore.

Link Posted: 1/16/2006 8:44:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/16/2006 8:46:49 PM EST by Snaps]
well thankya
Link Posted: 1/16/2006 8:51:05 PM EST
And a pic......
Link Posted: 1/16/2006 8:55:20 PM EST
Are those pics of cases of 6.8 that i'm told can't be bought????
Link Posted: 1/16/2006 10:02:38 PM EST
Yes they are.......the Remington hardtoobtanium.

Link Posted: 1/16/2006 10:42:44 PM EST
If you want a 6.8, piston is the only way to go. I gots me a 10.5"! Yeeeeeehaaa!
Link Posted: 1/16/2006 10:50:08 PM EST
Oh.....and on the remmy ammo. Everybody making 6.8 platforms calls remmy and sez, you need to do this and that to your ammo so it works in our weapon... blah blah blah.

Leitner-Wise calls and sez your remmy ammo runs like a bat outta hell in our weapons of all barrel lengths. Remmy sez, "would you consider being a proof house for us? How much ammo do you need."
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 5:37:12 AM EST
Simon, who makes the M4 6.8 barell?
And how do you like that stock, is it heavy?
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 6:23:18 AM EST

Originally Posted By robino:
Simon, who makes the M4 6.8 barell?

Several people do, including Randal at www.AR15barrels.com
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 8:15:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 9:18:40 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 9:47:22 AM EST

Originally Posted By brouhaha:

Originally Posted By SimonTan:
And a pic......

Does anybody else think that smacks of "photoshop"?

Shadows are all wrong. Bipod is on TOP of the snow. Lighting seems "off".

Not really important, just curious.

You're right it does look strange like that, but here's the thread with a lot of pictures from different angles.

The background and lighting must have made it look like that, crazy.

Link Posted: 1/17/2006 10:23:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 2:28:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 6:59:00 PM EST
Why would it be photoshopped?

What would be the conspiracy theory behind that one?

One needs to know.

Link Posted: 1/17/2006 7:19:39 PM EST
Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful toys!
Link Posted: 1/17/2006 7:46:44 PM EST
Those particular guns run ER Shaw barrels.

Those guns will also be at SHOT so people can decide whether they are photochopped for themsleves.

But we did Photochop in all that Remington 6.8.......

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