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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/1/2002 3:54:54 AM EST
I guess the subject line says it all. The reason I ask, is I have a lathe, and the pics on William's site show one being done on a lathe. What size would be best? While a milling attachment on a lathe is probably not the best application, if you can drill the holes on a drill press why wouldn't this work? As much as I want a mill, I don't see being able to afford one in the near future. TIA. Matt.
Link Posted: 11/8/2002 6:26:17 PM EST
Some of those pictures were of the first one I completed. I only used the lathe to complete the buffer tube ring. I really don't see how you would be able to acuratly position the frame in relation to the drill/mill attachment.

Link Posted: 11/8/2002 6:35:12 PM EST
mjydrafter...Hello & welcome. Yes, your lathe will do the job...and then some! if you need some specifics...write Snelling and ask about the PIX you saw on his site. I'm certain that he'll be helpful...Bud

Hey Dave..He's from IOWA, he'll get it done :o)
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 6:19:58 AM EST
How did you index the buffer tube ring to your boring bar/threading tool to center it?

Link Posted: 11/10/2002 3:37:23 PM EST
I made an adapter to fit the lower exactly like an upper would fit. (see picture) http://www.scrtc.com/~drd/jig1.jpg Using a four jaw chuck and a magnetic mount dial indicator I centered the lower from side to side. I also adjusted the lower .629" off center to place the buffer tube hole in the center.

Link Posted: 11/11/2002 5:17:06 AM EST
Thanks for the welcome guys! I was begining to think I had asked a bad question. I got my 80% form William last week, I'm itchin' to make some chips. Actually, with X-mas closing so fast a mill might be nearer to my future than I had thought. Not only that but the wife seems to be alright with it. She also noted when I opened the 80%, that it looked like it needed "alot" of other parts-ha-ha. (I changed the subject quickly).
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