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Posted: 4/25/2014 11:37:24 AM EDT
I have a perm attached surefire with old school gas block/ iron sight. Is there a way to update my hand guards to a rail system/ freefloat system without removing the FH first? Are there any nice drop in hand guards that are not magpul polymer?
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 11:44:01 AM EDT
Like a 2-piece quadrail?
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 11:50:45 AM EDT
That sounds like a nice idea... I assume they're made? Are there any good quality ones out there?
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 11:59:33 AM EDT
What kind of handguard do you want - and what are you willing to do?

There are drop in non-FF units of various different types - MI, DD, KAC, Troy, etc.

There are a few drop in FF units that require no permanent modifications - DD Omega series, Troy/VTAC Charlie and Deltas, KAC RAS2, ARMS SIR, Vltor CASV-EL, etc.

If you're willing to remove or otherwise cut off your delta ring assembly (which I presume you're using?) there are a couple models that will allow you use the standard barrel nut you have installed like the Centurions, MI, Samson, etc.

If you're willing to shave down your FSB so that it's merely a low-profile gas block - there are a good number of options, including the rifle length versions of most of the above, Troy and VTACs, and more.

Or, finally, you can go the extreme route and simply have the existing muzzle device removed, and start over.

Link Posted: 4/25/2014 12:16:04 PM EDT
Centurion C4.
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 12:17:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/25/2014 12:21:00 PM EDT by Orracle]
Wow, apparently there is a lot more research I should do, but ultimately I would truly like a free floated handguard that covers most of the barrel. Shaving the FSB is not out of the question, but I do not have tools to do that.

Edit: Only pic on phone with AR in it for reference. (Not that you haven't already seen this build 87 times.)
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 12:20:27 PM EDT
We need more info from you on what you have.

If you have a stock barrel nut then Daniel Defense Omega rails are drop in.

If you do not have a stock barrel nut then for the most part you are going to have to cut the FH off to do anything, because almost all FF hand guards have proprietary nuts that have to come off to put new hand guards on.
Link Posted: 4/25/2014 1:24:31 PM EDT
All you need to shave the FSB is a dremel or a hacksaw & file. Oh, & some paint.
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