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Posted: 1/9/2003 10:59:07 PM EDT
While looking through the "glock" category, a shooter asks for tips on shooting his Glock. Instead of answering there, I'll answer here to reach more folks. First. I've been shooting for over 30 years, when I go to the range I usually shoot 300-500 rounds 1 or 2 times a week. So I shoot alot. My Pistols are Glocks, G-19 and G23. My rifles are Colt ar-15 20" h-bar and DPMS 20" h-bar parts gun. I'm not posting here to brag. I'm posting to teach others how to hit the bullseye. I can not teach you how to shoot, but I can teach you how to "THINK" about shooting. Lets start with something unique to glock. After your first shot slowly realease the trigger forward antil you hear and feel a "click"(1/8"). Now the gun is ready to shoot with far less trigger pull. Once you get this feel down, you'll be able to pull shots off so fast people will swear you're on full auto, AND you'll still hit the target!...........Now on how to think, Rule #1 DON'T FLINCH BEFORE SQUEEZING THE SHOT OFF. Most rookies will ALL do this. Watch others next time you go shooting. When they lose track of how many shots they fired,and think they have one left. Watch when the trigger goes "click" they will pull the gun low left to the 8:00 position. Watch when they shoot, they are probably hitting to the left from 9,8,and 7:00 on the target. TO AVOID FLICHING YOU MUST "TRAIN YOURSELF" NOT TO FLINCH! To do this , dry fire your gun while aiming at the target. Your site should not move off bullseye from trigger pull through to "click". DON'T EVEN PUT A BULLET IN THE GUN UNTIL YOU CAN DO THIS. Another mistake which people do that leads to "FLINCHING" IS BLINKING AT THE MOMENT THE GUN GOES OFF. IF YOU BLINK , YOU WILL FLINCH! Your eye should remain open, and you should be able to see the empty shell exit over your shoulder at the same time. Another way to do demonstrate this to yourself or others is to load a magazine with ten rounds, and put a snap cap among them. Insert mag in gun , start shooting, and watch your friend "FLINCH" WHEN HE GOES TO FIRE THE SNAP CAP. ........RULE #2  NICE FIRM GRIP(NOT SO TIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SHAKING). RELAX, AND NICE AND FIRM. FOLLOWED BY A SMOOTH STEADY TRIGGER PULL. PULL THE TRIGGER BACK AS IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SLOWLY REACH THE END OF ITS TRAVEL. When the gun goes off it should almost suprise you. Because if you anticipate the shot, you will "FLINCH".........THATS IT!.......Now take 500 rounds, a quality pistol or rifle, and a piece of paper with the words #1DON'T BLINK/KEEP TARGET EYE OPEN. and #2 FIRM GRIP, SMOOOOTH TRIGGER PULL. WRITTEN ON IT. If you are not hitting that bullseye the first time, keep analyzing your technique. start at 5 yrds. to 7 and to 10 to build confidence. About 100 rounds into this you will find yourself hitting the bullseye everytime! A little bulb will light up  as you think about how easy  this is, and anybody could do it! And its like riding a bicycle. Once that bulb goes on, and you get into that groove during that 500 rounds, you'll never forget ........AGAIN, I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EASY IT IS TO DO THIS. IF YOU KEEP THAT GUN STEADY, YOU WILL HIT THE BULLSEYE!......... To show you how confused people are over how to properly shoot firearms, a new video is out on glock maintanence. In this video the instructor actually claims Glocks shoot to the left! Let me tell you, Glocks or any other quality pistol do NOT shoot to the left!!! It shoots where you point it!............THE SECRET IS OUT #1 DON'T FLINCH/BLINK...#2 FIRM GRIP/SMOOOOTH TRIGGER PULL.AND BANG! BULLSEYE!.....GOOD LUCK.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 8:09:13 AM EDT
Some more helpful tips..........USE AN INDOOR RANGE TO PERFECT YOUR SHOOTING. YOU WILL NOT HAVE WIND AND SUN GLARE TO INTERFERE WITH YOUR LEARNING PROCESS. IT WILL BE YOU, THE GUN, AND THE TARGET...........DO NOT BE IN A HURRY. IF YOU ARE NOT HITTING THAT BULLSEYE, SLOW DOWN AND ANALYZE EACH SHOT........... TRY USING A 3" RED STICKER FOR A BULLSEYE. BRING AT LEAST 25, AND A PACK OF COMPUTER PAPER TO STICK THEM ON,  ONE AT A TIME(red will help you see the front site as you "print" it on bullseye) DO NOT USE A BLACK BULLSEYE!!! . SHOOT FIVE ROUNDS AT A TIME,ANALYZE,AND THEN CHANGE TO A FRESH SHEET OF PAPER AND RED STICKER.( now you're saying, "isn't it kind of wasteful to shoot only five rounds and change the target?")...YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE TARGET AFTER 5 ROUNDS BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE EACH SHOT LANDS. AND!, YOU WILL FIND YOU ARE PUTTING ALL 5 ROUNDS IN THE BULLSEYE AT THE SIZE OF A QUARTER, AT 7 YRDS!.........YOU WILL NO LONGER SEE BULLET STRIKE AS IT PASSES THROUGH THE SAME HOLE. IT IS IMPORTANT TO SEE EACH BULLET STRIKE TO ANALYZE each shot, and "THINK".( remember I told you "I'm going to teach you to "THINK" about shooting") As you work your way into that case of 500, and get into that "GROOVE", you're going to notice something. You wont be quite sure at first, but you think that bullet just passed through the previuos bullet hole. Thats right you will notice that you will start putting 2 and 3 consecutive shots through the same hole. BECAUSE YOUR EYE IS OPEN, YOU'LL SEE AN EDGE OF THE PREVIOUS BULLET HOLE MOVE SLIGHTLY AS THE BULLET PASSES THROUGH! At the end of the 500 round session, while you still have that s**t eating grin on your face. right your thoughts down on that same piece of paper. Like what you did right, and wrong. Old habits you broke or still have to work on. Bring these notes next time to the range, read them over. Take a minute or two, Close your eyes and think over what you have taught yourself. New things learned, and old habits you must get rid of..................BEST OF LUCK.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 9:02:03 AM EDT
VISULAIZE IT!..............You arrive at your lane at the indoor shooting range. You,ve been coming here for awhile, but todays going to be different. Because you have taught YOURSELF HOW TO SHOOT.You have got rid of the old habits. You have come to realize that to hit the bullseye requires only one thing of the shooter. THE HOLE OF THE BARREL, MUST BE ALIGNED WITH THE BULLSEYE , THE MOMENT THE BULLET IS DISCHARGED. ..............There are 15 lanes at your range, in groups of 5 divided by a wall between each 5. Each shooter in the group of 5 can see each other and their targets(and how good of a shot they are). You put your black range bag down(no barney school back pack for you. To you, shooting is a religion). You tape your peice of computer paper up, and then place your red 3" sticker on it at eye level. you send it down range at 7 yrds. Others are shooting at 7 and 10 yrds. with one guy  shooting at 25. As the sound of gun shots echo, your target   goes down range to stop at 7. Some notice the 3" and think to themselves "yea right". You load your Glock, and take a few moments to prepare yourself mentally. You raise the gun, aim,......BANG!.......dead center of the 3". Others realize you took your first shot, and look to see how far you missed. They see the hit at a perfect dead center, and think "luck". You aim again, ....BANG!...bullseye. 1/4 away from your first shot. Now two guys are watching. You fire your third shot and hit between the two and join them for a group. Now three are watching, and the other guy is trying to get his mag unjammed from his ak-47, and doesn't notice most of the shooting has stopped. You fire all 10 the size of a silver dollar, with just one off on the edge of the bullseye.You do this 2 more times, and as you put up your fourth target you notice over your shoulder other shooters looking to see what kind of tricked out pistol you have. They are shocked to see a stock G-19. You send the target down to 10 yards as the others pretend not to watch. You aim, fire, and repeat the same procedure all over again. After that tenth round you notice how quiet it is in an indoor range. No one else is shooting they are watching you! Then you'll learn something else about your new skill. People will want to talk to you. They guy next to you with the Glock will strike up a conversation, and you will give him a few pointers, and watch him go from a 10" group to 6" in 10 rounds. The guy with the 1911 @ $1300 will talk toO, and invite you over to try his. What he is really doing, is letting you try his gun to see if its him or the gun thats not accurate. You pick up the 1911, and notice its weight, and its trigger pull. But you know "THE RULE"= THE HOLE OF THE BARREL, MUST BE ALIGNED WITH THE BULLSEYE , THE MOMENT THE BULLET IS DISCHARGED. You calmly aim, "FIRM GRIP"....."KEEP EYE OPEN, TO NOT FLINCH"......."SLOOOOOOWLY PULL THE TRIGGER".....BANG!.........DEAD CENTER. And then you repeat with 4 more rounds what you have been doing all day with the glock. Then you realize one last thing,"THAT GUY JUST WASTED $700+ DOLLARS!
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