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Posted: 6/16/2007 8:36:01 AM EDT
HELP, bought a TROY 1point and dont know how to use it :'(

ive ben trying to use the onlinne pdf file, but no luck can some one help
Link Posted: 6/16/2007 8:50:32 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/16/2007 8:53:19 AM EDT by Mike_Mills]
I have one, too.

I don't use it. IMO, single point slings like this are for very small firearms like an MP5. An AR, even a 16" AR, is too BIG, too heavy, too long, too ungainly for a single point sling of this type.

If it's new, send it back for a refund.

Get the new LaRue/VLTOR two point sling, instead. THEY are awesome. It does everything you want from your single point and more. It is NOT a conventional sling.
Link Posted: 6/17/2007 11:07:58 AM EDT
With the TROY I run it with the pad on the weak side shoulder, although it can be run either way, the pad can get in the way of the weapon's buttstock.
Link Posted: 6/17/2007 11:24:53 AM EDT
I have one and I dont particully like it. The tri glide adjuster is always in the way.I had a Spectre Gear modifed sling wih an HK hook on it for my KISS AR but I had to sell that AR. I reall liked that sling, less bulk and simple. I am switching to a 2 point either the Vickers, Larue or Boonie packer. Anyways can you not open the PDF? If so I copied it and pasted it here

P.O. BOX 308
Instructions for Troy Close Quarter Battle One Point Sling, pt # CQBSPS-(b),(t),(g).
a. Right handed operators will have the sling over their left shoulder and under the right armpit, so the non-slip pad is behind your neck.
b. Left handed operators will have the sling over their right shoulder and under the left armpit, so the non-slip pad is behind your neck.
A. The short strap and tri-glide are to allow you to position your weapon's hang position on your chest. The strap allows you to immediately clear the weapon from your chest and down to your side if needed.
B. The padded portion of the sling is designed to prevent rotation of the sling around the body and as a retainer for the excess strap. Ideally you want the pad slit evenly across the left shoulder. For left handed use simply disassemble the sling and reassemble with pad seam facing the other direction.
Link Posted: 6/17/2007 8:31:10 PM EDT
I like this sling. A single point for patrol rifles at work is a lot easier to deploy that a 3 point. It allows for the gun to be easily transitioned to a support side shooting position if need be, and keeps the gun/ straps from interfering with a sidearm.
Link Posted: 6/18/2007 4:18:41 AM EDT
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