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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/15/2003 4:07:17 AM EST
I was seriously thinking about having a local gunsmith turn my Armalite hbar down to A2 profile, but i've got two questions: 1) is the lathe process going to screw with my bore diameter? ran across an article that said something to that effect last night 2) Anybody know where i can the exact measurements for an A2 profile barrel? Bushmaster lists diameters on their website, but not the exact points at which one diameter turns into another.
Thanks all
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 4:34:13 AM EST
Get with Kurt's Kustom Firearms (probably in the "Industry" forum). He does this all the time. Ship only the upper receiver and some $$$ (I'm not sure what he charges) and it'll be done right with no problems. Techincally it's not a difficult operation and any gunsmith who is worthy of the title can do it. But some are real hacks. There aren't many 'smiths in my area. But I can choose between hacks and overpriced snobs. I would rather send my stuff to Kurt and live without it for while.
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 5:52:43 AM EST
LW Bushy which started out life as a plain muzzle HBar before being sent to Kurt: [img]http://pic5.picturetrail.com/VOL99/1184889/2242371/27098817.jpg[/img] I wouldn't send my firearms anywhere else.
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 6:34:21 AM EST
KKF ROCKS sent my colt down for him and his forge of darkness to make me to most awsome M4 there is , He is AWSOME he is not fast but it is the best there is i am exactly 16- 1 /16 inch i have a KKF2 tact break and a 14.5 inch M4 profile barrel and it looks right , after my bros saw what it looked like we sent down 4 uppers for the exact same job, tell him MONGO sent you total cost for my project was 165 for the barrel and 45 for the break and 12 bucks for return shipping go to there web site THEY rock!!! mongo
Link Posted: 6/15/2003 10:46:53 AM EST
An ArmaLite and a Bushmaster that were reprofile LW from HBAR by Kurt... His work is outstanding and like KODoc says, nobody else touches my firearms! [img]img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-5/122167/KKF07.jpg[/img] Additional images here: [url]www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?selected=183340[/url]
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