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Posted: 8/15/2004 1:44:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/15/2004 2:54:50 PM EDT by Ndenway]
any opinions about the grizzly lowers, I have seen some of them advertized for $70. each which is alot cheaper than all other brands and was wondering about their quality, since I'm going to be putting a 6.8 together soon.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 5:07:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/15/2004 5:08:09 PM EDT by j3_]
I like the bear. I even like saying GRRRRRRIZZLY.
Link Posted: 8/15/2004 5:13:48 PM EDT
LAR makes lower recievers for some rather large maufacturers, there stuff is good quality.

Link Posted: 8/16/2004 3:45:05 AM EDT
Does Grizzly have a website? Thanks, Jdman
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 5:19:38 AM EDT

Originally Posted By jdman:
Does Grizzly have a website? Thanks, Jdman

I'm not sure about a manufacture website but you can check them out here: www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=7&f=21&t=211351
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 9:51:23 AM EDT
LAR has a good reputation.
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 11:59:12 AM EDT
Where the heck do you see them for $70 stripped? Got an address?
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 12:56:41 PM EDT
There products are quality stuff. They have a web site it is under LAR something. I have purchased both upper and lower parts from them, lower through a dealer of course.
Link Posted: 8/16/2004 2:07:13 PM EDT
I've seen the advertizment in shotgun news for joeken arms the ad has them listed for 69.99 for three or more but the web site (joeken.com) says thats a dealers price, but will sell them for 75. each +s&h
Link Posted: 8/17/2004 12:22:21 AM EDT
I have one sitting right here on my desk, it was going to be my post sunset A4gery until I ran into some money problems. It is for sale, complete with RRA parts and Cav Arms C1 buttstock. It is sweet, the machining is emmaculate and the finish is jet black. I could rent a camera if you are interested in pics.

Just let me know.
Link Posted: 8/26/2004 9:24:20 AM EDT
LAR Manufacturing, Inc.

Nice products.
Good people.

Link Posted: 8/29/2004 8:01:27 AM EDT
The LAR website is www.largrizzly.com
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 9:00:42 AM EDT
How is the fit on em? I have a stag arms and it is awsome.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 9:09:38 AM EDT

Link Posted: 9/9/2004 9:25:55 AM EDT
The bear is a hell of a lot cooler than the deer.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 10:06:39 AM EDT
Yes, The bear is cooler that the deer But I still think they are queer! The need some Logo Help!
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