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Posted: 5/10/2003 9:56:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2003 10:07:20 PM EST by Slash]
I recently received my first batch of Green Followers from ComputerGuy - Thanks Cody. I've been shooting some of my mags for fifteen years and never really had any trouble with the standard blacks followers, but I figure why risk a FTF in a SHTF situation, right? Anyway, I went to a gun show a few weeks back and found a guy selling GF for three for a buck. I thought that Cody had the best price around, but this guy is blowing him away (I saw another guy asking $3.00 each).

I was suspicious of their quality (despite the seller's proclamations of them being "jen-u-win gee-ah". I checked them over and they looked OK, so I took a chance and bought thirty for $10.00.

When I got home, I laid one of each out on my desk, and aside from slight color variations, I can't see any noticeable difference. So are all green followers the same? Did I get a steal at the gun show, or did I get taken? If the gun show GF are junk, how does one tell the difference?
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 7:02:44 AM EST
as far as i know they are all the same....ive gone through 20 or so replacing them in different mags and they all appear to be the same....no trouble with any of them either...i dont know if they are made by different companies or not..
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 3:02:38 PM EST
Slash You have some of the Tapco followers, they are a olive drab color, but they are the same. I have 11 or those followers myself and I have checked them with scales. No problem put them in the Mags and give them hell. I have 4 Colt 30rd Mags with them in and after they have been re-finished they look good in the Mags as well as function in the Mags just the same as the new bright green followers do.
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