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Posted: 10/14/2004 2:46:32 PM EDT
So I took the IOR to the range to do some shooting and get it sighted in finally... Perfect day to shoot, about 60, nice and sunny and not much wind. My buddies set up targets for pistol at the 25 and I set up some bull targets at the 50 to sight in. Was pretty close (on target at least) but here is where my gripes start:

1) Eye relief could be more, but isn't so short as to make it unusable, that belongs to number 2...

2) The mount is too low. I'm going to have to find a riser to put under it. I found myself "curling" my head over the stock to get down low enough. Not good...

3) It was tracking OK but I want to do a box drill at 100 to make sure that the adjustments are on. It was going but I'm not sure it was going exactly as it should.

The good points- Built like a brick you know what... Nice and solid. Great optics also and I really like the reticle.

here are some pictures- I will be doing a full write-up when I'm done testing it out in the field and in the cold.

Link Posted: 10/14/2004 3:29:11 PM EDT
Thanks for writeup. From your pics, the optic looks bigger than what i thought it would be. Also, in your next-to-last pic, with the targets in the background, it seems to me the reticule is too fine and it washes out against the background. Is this just a camera/internet picture posting thing, or does that hold true for you when looking through it with your eye? If so, seems to me they ought to make the reticule lines a little thicker/bolder.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 4:46:41 PM EDT
no that's just from taking the picture- I will try to get a better pic to show the actual size of the reticle but it stands out pretty well... the dot in the center is the same size as the red dot in the center of the target- which is 2" at 50 yds....

Mike, do you have anything that would work as a riser? I was thinking an EOTech LaRue mount but I'm not sure...

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