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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/4/2003 2:44:17 AM EST
A couple clowns sent me some mags that were painted black. can I use some acetone to remove this crappy paint and then refinnish with permasilk? has anyone tried this?

Link Posted: 11/4/2003 4:26:05 AM EST
Go for it you have nothin to lose,as long as the mags fit and function well.If they dont I wouldnt waste my time.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 4:35:10 AM EST
They function great...thats why I want to 'perfect' them.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 6:00:04 AM EST
TravisAasen, Can you be more specific? What were they supposed to be? (Colt, Labelle, O-kay, Cooper, etc. etc.) What company name is stamped on the the floor plates? Are the followers green. Were they advertised as new in the wrap or used? A lot of people can make the mistake of seeing a black magazine as "painted" when in fact it's black teflon coated. What color are the magazines? I only ask in order to make sure you don't un-necessarily alter mags that "function great". Usually the tolerances are tight enough on a mag that a coat of paint will cause them to bind in the receiver resulting in less than perfect "drop free" performance. I noticed you're new to the site, how familiar are you with the black rifles? May I ask who you purchased them from? Sly
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 6:08:25 AM EST
A lot of people can make the mistake of seeing a black magazine as "painted" when in fact it's black teflon coated. What color are the magazines?
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Well worth repeating. If they are teflon coated that's a good thing Travis. I prefer my "non milspec" black teflon steel mags to my "milspec" USGI mags.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 8:18:49 AM EST
Good questions. The mags are Adventure Line and clearly painted. I've had an AR since 1996/97 (Beautiful Colt NM) so I'm fairly comfortable with the rifle. This past summer I added a BM m4gery and another heavy panther arms ar. I originally started surfing this site about a year ago, but just really joined this past summer. As far as who sold them to me. Well, I can honestly say I'm not sure. I bought about 20-30 mags about 3 months ago from about 6 people. and didn't realize you slipped them to me. I've refinished most of those mags, but left these ones with paint for a rainy day. Well guess what.it's been raining here in WI for a week.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 10:32:05 AM EST
TravisAasen If they're true Adventureline they should definitely not be painted. CMMG had some black Teflon coated mag bodies for sale to be used as replacement parts only. This could account for a black body and the Adventure line FP. But if you're certain it's paint, it couldn't hurt a thing to strip em down and molycoat with Perma Slik(Silk? Never been sure which is correct). I've never used Perma Slik but it appears to receive good reviews on the site. I have done a lot of refinishing using Hoppe's MolyCoat. It works OK but it leaves the mags a bit silver looking and is a rather "soft" finish. It rubs off over time. In the end I've concluded it's an easy process but next time I'll look for a more durable coat. I'll probably end up trying Perma Slik in the future. As far as how to get the paint off? Use whatever is handy. I've found Birchwood Casey "Gun Scrubber" enjoys eating all sorts of painted finishes. I've also used brake cleaner to get a Bow Flouge paint job off an AR15. Not sure if it was the least expensive route or not but it worked where as paint thinner wouldn't touch it. Just try to stick with liquid removers and see what works. I wouldn't go crazy with steel wool or a sandblaster. (Just to save on posts I figured to state the obvious that scratching would damage the anodizing....Hopefully whoever painted the mags didn't already sandblast em?) Hope things turn out well. Sly
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 10:46:30 AM EST
Better hope that someone didn't fill-in and paint over LEO marked post-ban mags then swap Adventure Line floor plates.
Link Posted: 11/4/2003 11:40:01 AM EST
If they did - I'll know soon enough! It's only 3 mags not the end of the world. Frickin dirtballs if they did!
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