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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/7/2003 2:34:05 PM EST
In the past I've heard people recommend not getting the generation 1 night vision and instead saving up for at least gen.2. My question is,is it really that bad? My use would probably be shooting at dogs messing in my trash cans no more than 100 yrds out. The "MINI OSPREY" looks like a pretty good product and is definently more in my price range ($519.00). I can't justify spending a grand to shoot at dogs and coons. If I've never looked through the high end stuff I probably would'nt know that gen.1 was crappy would I? Is there anyone out there that has the "MINI OSPREY" and are you happy with it. Maybe I'm just trying to rationalize buying some cheap N.V because I really would like some.
Thanks for any input pro or con.
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 6:27:07 PM EST
You'll be fine. The key to using first generation night vision is to use IR illumination. Most dogs are unarmed and even when armed they don't often wear nightvision systems that would allow them to detect your illumination. Cabella's sells some huge and powerful IR illuminators that will light up things well beyond 100 yards. You could even hang a light near the trash cans running an extension cord back to the house. I have a first generation plus Night Vision Rifle Scope that I got for Y2K [:)] it did see some use out in the desert watching some drunken rave attendees who were shooting up the hill side me and five other families were camping on. The night vision allowed me to observe them until they started to shoot at the campgroud before I returned fire [:D].
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 7:44:28 PM EST
I have a differnt view... Gen 1 sucks SO BAD and the optical clarity is SO HORRIBLE. Id rather peer into the darkness than have to see the distorted blurry image of a Gen 1 device. Now your idea of totally blurry and distorted beyond any doubt may be different than mine but to me a flash light is worth more than a gen 1 NV unit. If it cost about $100-200 then its worth the price. Anything more and its not. I have no idea why peole would pay so much for something that is so poor in the clarity dept. I would be hard pressed to ID a friend at 30 feet its so distorted. Perhaps Paul has a different unit than the ones I have looked through. Gen 3 looks as crisp as a video camera only green. I reccomend either a flash light or Gen 2 or 3.
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