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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/13/2006 2:32:57 AM EST
I went to the range yesterday with my RRA Elite Car M4. Loaded 10 rounds of Federal 50 Grain Frangible into a mag. Fired 9 rounds and the bolt froze. We thought that the casing may have expanded more than normal, so used a cleaning rod through the barrel to push it back. Was hard to move the bolt back. It is now 3/4 of the way to lock back, and the casing is clear of the chamber, but still stuck on the bolt face. Cannot move the bolt back anymore and it will not move forward. Also cannot shotgun the weapon open with the bolt in this position. I shot M-16A2's in the military for 9 years and have never seen this happen. My RRA was bought new in January and has only had 129 round fired through it. The first 120 were American Eagle 62 grain. I have not used any cheap ammo in this weapon. Any suggestions would be appreciated before I try to send it back to RRA. Thanks.
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I got the gun apart and found that a piece of a primer had gotten stuck in with the cam pin that holds the bolt onto the bolt carrier. This made it so that the cam pin would not turn and go forward all the way. I had to pull the take down pins and persuade the bolt back down into the upper receiver (it was 3/4 way back into the buffer tube) in order to seperate the upper and lower. Once it was apart, I had to us a one piece cleaning rod to tap the bolt out. Once the bolt was out, I found the primer piece jammed in with the cam pin. I'm surprised about the ammo though. The first 120 rounds through the rifle were 62 grain American Eagles and the next 9 were Federal 50 grain frangible rounds. Thank you both for your responses and your advice on how to solve the problem.

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I spoke with a Rep from RRA and he told me that it happens alot with non military ammo. He told me that the military ammo is sealed at the primer and that the sealant that they use is also an adhesive. He suggested that when you clean the weapon that you check the trigger group to ensure that there are no primers down there. He gave me a couple of instances where guys were shooting matches and lost because of primers stuck in the bolt or down in the trigger group and caused the either the bolt to stick, or the weapon to fire more than one round at a time. No pics of me beating on the gun though. Sorry
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