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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 5/4/2003 10:10:07 AM EDT
Can someone tell me what they use to adjust there front sight. I know you can buy a front sight adjustment tool, but I know I would only use it one and I don't want to spend the money. There must be a easy way to turn the post with out damaging it.? Thanks
Link Posted: 5/4/2003 11:24:13 AM EDT
I believe that you can use the tip of one of the 5.56 rounds to adjust the front sight. I believe I saw that a long time ago in one of the Army field manuals. It showed an illustration of a soldier using a round to adjust the rear sights on the M16A1, and I believe the front sight as well.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:50:23 AM EDT
Worked fine for me using an unfired round.. I suppose if I was working the front sight up and down twice a day it would be a different story, but anything that'll get in there and depress that little pin without scratching hell out of your finish is "the right tool" I'd say.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 5:03:34 AM EDT
I used tweezers.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 12:08:53 PM EDT
I took a spent round, ran a piece of electrical tape over the case mouth, cut x wise slits in the tape over the hole and pushed the tags inside the case. Works like a charm, and no scratches on the sight.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 4:58:03 AM EDT
Yea using a round is slow but it works. I will try some other things too. Thanks.
Link Posted: 5/15/2003 6:20:14 AM EDT
A small finish nail will work better than an unfired round. It fits down in there to depress the detent better and you're not messing up a good bullet.
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 11:54:30 PM EDT
To spin the sight post after the detent pin has been depressed, push the eraser end of a pencil straight down onto the post so that the post tip sticks into the eraser. Then spin it with the pencil. This is especially good for large changes.
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